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  • Setting out on a mission to find a girlfriend is like starting a company to get rich: When money is your center of gravity, you make decisions based on dollars rather than sense. Instead of being a Merchant of Wowyou become a Merchant of Owbuilding boring, ugly, and painful things, hoping you might flip before you flop. By trading passion for profit you confine yourself to mediocrity, blazing a trail to unhappiness and unwealth as you sink ever deeper into spiritual overdraft.

    Likewise, when you make women your focal point, you let go of your I. Instead of asking what you want most in life, you ask what women want most in life: What traits do women find attractive in a man? What kind of social events do hot women go to?

    How to Meet Women Without Really Trying — An Example

    What kind of hobbies do women consider sexy? What should I say to a girl when I approach her? Will she be turned off if I do XYZ? Questions are like shovels: But when you ask questions like these, you dig your own grave. I know how easy — and, more importantly, how hard — it is to accept and apply the idea of meeting girls by talking to them. What do you say?

    Meet The Hit Like A Girl Finalists – DRUM! Magazine

    What do you say after that? Where do you meet them? How do you get them interested in you? How do you ask for their number? How can you possibly meet hot girls without using magic potions and super sekrit seduction techniques?

    This story is only coincidentally about seduction. Shared Interests Are Everything I never go out to meet girls anymore. The success or failure of my social engagements is never measured by how many approaches I did ughhow many numbers I walked away with ugh! For example, I organize a personal growth group in Montreal because I want to surround myself with like-minded, positive people, and create an environment that promotes the conscious pursuit of happiness.

    Just to give you a heads up, this is sort of like a Naruto type of thing. Like the nine-tailed fox and the seal and stuff. It will probably remind you of that. Just wanted to say that. I hope you enjoy this story! I look out the window, watching as the trees go by.

    Today, I start night school. I wonder who I'll meet. I sigh softly and lean my head on my hand. I hope no assholes are there.

    9 Places Where a Good Guy Can Meet A Good Girl

    Who am I kidding, there are going to be heaps. I snap out of my thoughts and look at the huge building in front of me. I turn to the chauffeur and nod as a thank you. He's not actually mine. He is a chauffeur for a person I know. She sent me him to get here faster.

    Meet The New Girl

    I look down at my watch and curse under my breath. Instead of running, I just walk at my normal pace. I mean what's the use, I'm already late. I look down at my timetable and skim the page. First class is in A I fold the sheet of paper and look at the signs on top of the classes. The teacher turns to me and smiles.

    I nod and walk in with my hands in my pockets. All eyes came on me and I ignore them.

    Stay Single Until You Meet A Girl Like This The Minds Journal

    They start mumbling amongst themselves. Who comes to school on the second period? No fucks are given. The teacher clears her voice. A couple of hands go up and I cross my arms in front of my chest. I nod to the red head and emerald eyes.

    I pause for awhile. Some problems at home. He stares at me for awhile but nods. I see another guy with a fedora hat and emerald eyes like the same guy before put his hand up.

    I nod at him. A lot of the guys smirk, some of the girls too. I narrow my eyes at him. I can play along. But please take care of me. People mumble amongst themselves again. I doubt anyone answers that question. The fedora smirks and leans his head on his hand. The teacher becomes a little nervous. I see a blonde with his locks covering one eye and long eyelashes with his hand up.

    At least the question is normal.

    He chuckles a little and I shrug. Anybody better not hate on chocolate. I like window spots. I like watching the outside world. I hold my necklace lightly and run my hand on the deep scar across my cheek. Why did that guy have to ask me that question I clutch my necklace tightly and bite my lip.