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    Action Movie Freak Everything You Love About Action Movies!

    Aliens is a movie about a team of monsters versus alien invaders. It was originally only a working title. They eventually decided on "Pacific Air Flight ". Contrary to popular belief, Samuel L. Jackson did not threaten to pull out if they didn't change it back, but he did strongly suggest they do so.

    Hobo with a Shotgun. A fake trailer in the Grindhouse double feature although seemingly limited to Canadian theatrical releases, for some illogical reasonyou get exactly that. And about two minutes of sheer awesome ensues.

    The Colbert Report Series Comedy Central Official Site

    Both the Hobo with a Shotgun and Machete trailers eventually inspired actual films. Pop-culture auteur Andy Warhol was notorious for making films which nothing more than pointing a camera at the title subject for several minutes or even hoursincluding one of the most famous Take That!

    Action Movie Freak Everything You Love About Action Movies!

    Others including Blow Job 35 minutes watching the facial expressions of a man receiving oral sexand Sleep five hours of watching John Giorno sleeping. John Lennon and Yoko Ono made a short art movie called Erection which was, of course, a time-lapse of a building being constructed. However, since then, even longer movies were made. A documentary of the guys from The KLFalso known as the K Foundation, which documents them burning a million pounds in banknotes.

    The titles of the Ernest P. Worrell films ware never particularly ambiguous. The long-running Finnish movie franchise Uuno Turhapuro almost always had titles like these.

    For example, the movie where the titular character Uuno Turhapuro joins the Army is called Uuno Turhapuro in the Ranks of the Army, the one where he moves to the countryside is called Uuno Turhapuro Moves to the Countryside, and so on. You're probably wondering what Trash Humpers is about. Well, you know how Cats was about cats? Yup, Pro Wrestlers battle Zombies. There's a film about a massacre at Central High: Massacre At Central High. Whose name is Andre.

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    This silent film is only 18 seconds long, but it does feature a kiss. The first one in movie history. The horror-comedy Killer Klowns from Outer Space features, you guessed it, murderous circus folk from beyond the stars. The monsters in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Well, take a guess. Woman turns into giantess. Woman catches husband with another woman.

    In this movie, King Kong gets in a fight with Godzilla.

    Action Movie Freak Everything You Love About Action Movies!

    The Search for Spock: William Shatner himself admitted that with a title like this, there was no way it would end with Admiral Kirk turning to the audience and saying "Sorry, folks, we didn't find him.

    The short film Incest!

    PREVIEW 'Tet' 4 by Paul Allor and Paul Tucker

    The Musical features Twincest and Spontaneous Choreography. Alien vs Ninja is 90 minutes of ninjas fighting aliens. July [], namely a mass-murder. Game Night is all about the incredible events that occur to the main characters during their weekly game night.

    Action Movie Freak Everything You Love About Action Movies!

    It was about how you could teach Computers how to play Chess. Later adapted into a film by the same name. That's right, this book has a footnote in the title. In a similar vein, there's Conjuring: On a different kind of arcane subject, Joel on Software: Scientific works in general are likely to be this, although in older works there may be some elements of language marches on for modern readers.

    As this is a minifigure series, we can expect the box breakdown to be similar to LEGO Batman Movie, with 3 complete sets in each sealed box. This means that there will be 3 of each minifigure in each box, so an even level of rarity which is fairly democratic.

    He comes with a spoon and a white ceramic bowl with a blue dragon print on it. I really dig his tousled hairpiece!

    Action Movie Freak Everything You Love About Action Movies!

    He has a really edge punk-inspired outfit which I think looks pretty cool. He has a new two-tone electric guitar and also comes with a recoloured Hippie minifigure from Series 7. Probably not the most exciting or unique minifigure, but the details on the Gong and Guitar Rocker should make up for a character that has been done multiple times in the past.

    In this more casual take on the villain, we have Garmadon attired in a Volcano-print pyjamas, of which we have twice the torsos! He also comes with a spoon and another decorated bowl piece, this time in sand green. The Sushi Chef comes with a cleaver, sushi tile and a bald headpiece with a black and white striped headband. She comes with a pair of training Wooden Katanas which I believe have never been produced in this colour before.

    In this version, he has a more miitary-like uniform on. There are some interesting details such as melted accessories as well as burn marks across his headgear and his body. He has a black fish accessory with flames spouting out its mouth.

    She has a cool new hairpiece and a really sharp blue military uniform with some really snazzy scales on her legs. I really hope they get the materials right for the cape — if it is, this could potentially be one of the more unique minifigures in the series. Kinda strange, but he looks almost identical to the Jungle Garmadon.

    Kai Kendo Unlike all the other Ninjas who are dressed casually, Kai the Red Ninja is in a Kendo Outfit, complete with armour, kendo helmet and a pair of wooden swords.

    Action Movie Freak Everything You Love About Action Movies!