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    How much did non-elite white contribute to the construction of the 19th c racial republic, and how much did they just accept something that worked to their benefit? Is this also the case for the Scots-Irish in the U.

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    Rather, they were tough Presbyterian Protestants, whose cousins still remain committed to their distinctive identity in Ulster in Northern Ireland. Karl Zimmerman While I broadly agree with your post, it bears mentioning that the Scotch-Irish were not predominant through all of Appalachia. I have some Scotch-Irish ancestry in addition to Scottish, English, and German and this is pretty standard. Scottish, English, and German cultural and voting patterns still differ between british and german descended people in the midwest, for example.

    Scott Just a counter point to the Appalachians being ignored due to being White, At Ohio State, Appalachians are eligible for minority scholarships and services. I am 8th generation American, with at least two family members who fought in the Revolution, including one who was with Washington at Valley Forge.

    My family is resolutely plebe: I have a several times great grandfather named after Andrew Jackson born a couple years after he left the presidency. When asked our heritage, we said American. I was always mildly confused by the fact that the most clearly Irish part of the family, the Depps Samuel Depp, born in July 4th, so the family Bible says, in Dublin Ireland were Protestant.

    Depp as the famous Johnny of the clan will readily tell you is a French or German name, definitely from Alsace. Not until I learned of the German Palatines did I finally make sense of that. The Palatines were German Protestants who came to England hoping to be sent to the colonies.

    I DREAM OF HAGGIS My Guide to Dating Scottish Men

    In fact, a number of them were sent to Ireland in a failed attempt to outnumber or at least counterbalance the Catholics.

    Ultimately, many of the Palatines came to America, but it was a number of generations later.

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    The Southern aristocracy that set up slavery and the oligarchy that maintained it was English. This has remained true through the GI Bill generation as well as the generation after mine; out of 25 great grandchildren, my son is one of 6 college graduates or finishing graduates.

    This despite the fact that my paternal grandfather AND grandmother were college graduates of Carnegie Tech and an average clan IQ comfortably overwith a few 3 sd IQs my grandfather, me, a couple others. It took me years to figure out how different we were from the other people I knew through my life in tech.

    Andrew Lancaster Although I am not personally American, I have ancestry in this area and have studied it back to Medieval times, and this has often led me to think about the subject of how the Scottish March people were a relatively independent population group that evolved in a closed ways for hundreds of years, and then spread to several new countries.

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    It is interesting to note that these settlers came from areas which were, when they left them, unsettled and militarized down to a grass roots level. I think it is noted relatively often that this is part of what goes into the tradition of independence and militias, and which suited these people to expanding the colonies in America. But Razib raises class and also conscioussness of any specific old world ethnicity.

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    These points are less discussed. Indeed, not only were these people far from any crown, and far from the city folk who nominally ruled them consider that the marcher folk were to some extent king makers who made their own laws locallybut the class system worked differently there than in other parts of Britain and Ireland, with extensive clannish networks of landowners calling not so much upon minions, but upon people who were basically the descendents of cousins who just had happened not to inherit the big farms.

    In Britain itself, for example in my family tree, many border people ended up carrying their attitudes into the cities of the industrial north. Also in this area, their relatively dismissive attitude to class and nationality played a role in what was to happen, and the north generally now including Yorkshire and Lancashire has been described, at least from a British and Commonwealth point of view, as the homeland of the modern industrial age middle class.

    Liberals will privately admit this but can never say such things in public. I think Elizabeth Warren is the perfect example. She made up her claims of Cherokee ancestry solely for professional advancement and she now cannot admit that fact. The first permanent settlement in the modern state appears to have been a German-speaking village in modern-day Shepherdstown in Much of the state was only settled by the early s, as native American resistance was fierce outside of the modern Eastern Panhandle.

    Expect an unforgettable evening of music, ceremony, theatre and dance with reserved seats for Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo on July 28 to August 13 departures. Enjoy dinner on board a ferry as you cruise to the Isles of Orkney. Board the classic and elegant steamship the Sir Walter Scott for a picturesque cruise of Loch Katrine.

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    It is located just to the north of Poolewe in Wester Ross, and is noted for the breadth of its collection. Isle of Orkney Isle of Orkney Experience island life on the largest island of the Orkneys and enjoy the majestic and historic sights throughout the island.

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    Stay in the capital, Kirkwall, where you will have free time to browse around on your own and dine independently. Kilt Rock Kilt Rock One of these is the magnificent 90 meter Kilt Rock, which looks strikingly similar to a pleated kilt.

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    Made up of basalt columns resting on a sandstone base, one might even say that the colors of the rock formation appear almost tartan. It is the second largest Scottish loch by surface area at Skara Brae Skara Brae These 5,year-old ruins are of an incredibly well preserved stone settlement containing an intricate maze of dwellings.

    The site was revealed in by a violent storm and is now one of the most famous Neolithic sites in Northern Europe.

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    The castle is on the A82 road, 21 kilometres south-west of Inverness and 2 kilometres east of the village of Drumnadrochit. Nine dinners including a festive Scottish evening in Edinburgh Hotels: The Winnock Hotel The Winnock Hotel Picture yourself soaking up the atmosphere of this 18th century Inn near Loch Lomond, sitting beside the roaring log fire whilst planning your day's exploration of the surrounding beautiful Trossachs countryside with many castles, gardens and city attractions within easy reach.

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    All rooms are tastefully decorated and many enjoy stunning views.