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  • In what will in all likelihood be one of the last interviews with sex workers I post for a while, I have here another impromptu question and answer session carried by the rambunctious users of 2Chan with an anonymous former Japanese porn starlet. Can you give us your name, age, hometown and a pic of your face? If I give you that, my life, already over at the best of times, will be even more over.

    Give me a break? How did your friends react? One guy had all my DVDs, I was a rather perturbed by that. Did it feel good? That really depends on the actor. Sometimes you cum normally, other times you need to act it up.

    I think the old guys on set are more skilled. How much did you get paid? However, it changes a bit depending on the content. A shoot for a magazine would be a few tens of thousand Yen. Some people appearing in the films were actually intent on building connections — for an unsocial type like me it was really a living hell.

    You were in it for the money? Of course that was a big part, but at the time I was interested in the trade. I love the sensual world.

    Israel National News Israel's 1 News Site

    Like an oiran from the Edo period. Why did you give it up? What are you doing now? Simply put, the agency wanted me to do more self-promotion and it soon became unpleasant for me because of that. What did your parents think?

    Maybe they suspected it, but they have never said anything. If it was a job with easy interpersonal relations even an hour would be fine, I think.

    What's It Like To Be A Porn Star In Japan – Rockit Reports

    So as a security guard for your own residence are you still surviving on what you made then? I do regret it. At one point I regretted it so much I became a wreck. Maybe now I feel half regret, half a sense that it was the right thing to so. Was there a film you made which you have particular confidence in? Characteristics of commonly used rechargeable batteries Internal resistance of a battery pack varies with cell rating, type of protection circuit and number of cells.

    Cycle life is based on battery receiving regular maintenance. Failing to apply periodic full discharge cycles may reduce the cycle life by a factor of three. Cycle life is based on the depth of discharge. Shallow discharges provide more cycles than deep discharges. The discharge is highest immediately after charge, then tapers off. Self-discharge increases with higher temperature. There is no difference between the cells; it is simply a method of rating.

    Capable of high current pulses. Applies to discharge only; charge temperature range is more confined.

    The 10 Best Online China Dating Websites To Date Chinese Girls Updated October

    Cost of battery for commercially available portable devices. Derived from the battery price divided by cycle life. Does not include the cost of electricity and chargers. It is interesting to note that NiCd has the shortest charge time, delivers the highest load current and offers the lowest overall cost-per-cycle, but has the most demanding maintenance requirements.

    All other chemistries prefer a shallow discharge and moderate load currents. The NiCd is a strong and silent worker; hard labor poses no problem. In fact, the NiCd is the only battery type that performs well under rigorous working conditions.

    She Gets Whats Coming To Her

    It does not like to be pampered by sitting in chargers for days and being used only occasionally for brief periods. Among rechargeable batteries, NiCd remains a popular choice for applications such as two-way radios, emergency medical equipment and power tools. Batteries with higher energy densities and less toxic metals are causing a diversion from NiCd to newer technologies.

    Good load performance — the NiCd allows recharging at low temperatures.

    What's It Like To Be A Porn Star In Japan – Rockit Reports

    Long shelf life — in any state-of-charge. Simple storage and transportation — most airfreight companies accept the NiCd without special conditions. Good low temperature performance. Forgiving if abused — the NiCd is one of the most rugged rechargeable batteries. Economically priced — the NiCd is the lowest cost battery in terms of cost per cycle. Available in a wide range of sizes and performance options — most NiCd cells are cylindrical.

    Limitations Relatively low energy density — compared with newer systems. Memory effect — the NiCd must periodically be exercised to prevent memory. Environmentally unfriendly — the NiCd contains toxic metals. Some countries are limiting the use of the NiCd battery.

    Has relatively high self-discharge — needs recharging after storage. Advantages and limitations of NiCd batteries. Today, nickel hydrogen batteries are mainly used for satellite applications. They are bulky, contain high-pressure steel canisters and cost thousands of dollars per cell.

    What's It Like To Be A Porn Star In Japan – Rockit Reports

    In the early experimental days of the NiMH battery, the metal hydride alloys were unstable in the cell environment and the desired performance characteristics could not be achieved.

    As a result, the development of the NiMH slowed down. New hydride alloys were developed in the s that were stable enough for use in a cell. Since the late s, NiMH has steadily improved. The success of the NiMH has been driven by its high energy density and the use of environmentally friendly metals. There is potential for yet higher capacities, but not without some negative side effects.

    What's It Like To Be A Porn Star In Japan – Rockit Reports

    Cycling under heavy load and storage at high temperature reduces the service life. The NiMH has been replacing the NiCd in markets such as wireless communications and mobile computing.

    Technology News, Analysis, Comments and Product Reviews for IT Professionals ZDNet

    This is due to environmental concerns about careless disposal of the spent battery. Experts agree that the NiMH has greatly improved over the years, but limitations remain. Most of the shortcomings are native to the nickel-based technology and are shared with the NiCd battery. It is widely accepted that NiMH is an interim step to lithium battery technology.

    What's It Like To Be A Porn Star In Japan – Rockit Reports

    The NiMH has potential for yet higher energy densities. Less prone to memory than the NiCd. Periodic exercise cycles are required less often. Simple storage and transportation — transportation conditions are not subject to regulatory control.

    Environmentally friendly — contains only mild toxins; profitable for recycling. Limitations Limited service life — if repeatedly deep cycled, especially at high load currents, the performance starts to deteriorate after to cycles. Shallow rather than deep discharge cycles are preferred. Best results are achieved with load currents of 0.

    More complex charge algorithm needed — the NiMH generates more heat during charge and requires a longer charge time than the NiCd. The trickle charge is critical and must be controlled carefully. New chemical additives improve the self-discharge but at the expense of lower energy density.

    High maintenance — battery requires regular full discharge to prevent crystalline formation. Today, the flooded lead acid battery is used in automobiles, forklifts and large uninterruptible power supply UPS systems. During the mid s, researchers developed a maintenance-free lead acid battery that could operate in any position. The liquid electrolyte was transformed into moistened separators and the enclosure was sealed.

    Safety valves were added to allow venting of gas during charge and discharge. Driven by different applications, two battery designations emerged. Technically, both batteries are the same. Because of our emphasis on portable batteries, we focus on the SLA. Unlike the flooded lead acid battery, both the SLA and VRLA are designed with a low over-voltage potential to prohibit the battery from reaching its gas-generating potential during charge.

    Excess charging would cause gassing and water depletion. Consequently, these batteries can never be charged to their full potential. The lead acid is not subject to memory. Leaving the battery on float charge for a prolonged time does not cause damage. Whereas the NiCd self-discharges approximately 40 percent of its stored energy in three months, the SLA self-discharges the same amount in one year. The SLA is relatively inexpensive to purchase but the operational costs can be more expensive than the NiCd if full cycles are required on a repetitive basis.

    What's It Like To Be A Porn Star In Japan – Rockit Reports

    The SLA does not lend itself to fast charging — typical charge times are 8 to 16 hours. The SLA must always be stored in a charged state.

    10 Things You Must Know About Dating Korean Girls Connect Korea Connect Korea

    Leaving the battery in a discharged condition causes sulfation, a condition that makes the battery difficult, if not impossible, to recharge. A full discharge causes extra strain and each cycle robs the battery of a small amount of capacity. This wear-down characteristic also applies to other battery chemistries in varying degrees.

    To prevent the battery from being stressed through repetitive deep discharge, a larger SLA battery is recommended. The primary reason for its relatively short cycle life is grid corrosion of the positive electrode, depletion of the active material and expansion of the positive plates. These changes are most prevalent at higher operating temperatures.