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  • He is Shrek's annoying but good-hearted best friend, Dragon's husband and father of the Dronkeys. She begins the series as a beautiful princess who transforms into an ogress every night when the sun sets.

    At the end of the first film, the transforming spell is broken and she permanently takes the form of an ogress when she realizes that Shrek is her true love. Loosely based on the fairytale character Puss in Boots as well as being a kind of parody of Zorrohe is a smooth-talking cat with a Spanish accent, usually wearing a cavalier's hat, a belt with a sword, a small black cape, and small Corinthian boots.

    Puss first appears in Shrek 2much like Dragon in the first film. He often overpowers his enemies by distracting them with his "cute kitten" looks. He also exhibits common cat behavior such as coughing up hairballs and chasing spotlights, usually resulting in his defeat or capture.

    For obvious reasons, he does not appear in the first film or 4D ridethough he does make a non-speaking cameo in the musical.

    The character was also featured in the film Puss in Boots as the lead character. Dragon[ edit ] Dragon is depicted as a ruby-colored dragon who debuts as a ferocious guard challenging Shrek and Donkey in their quest to locate Princess Fiona. She is angered when Donkey accidentally disturbs her sleep. As Donkey attempts to distract her, he comes to the realization that Dragon is female, and successfully manages to charm his way past her. While she plays a major role in this film, she reappears towards its conclusion at the marriage ceremony of Fiona and Shrek, in which Donkey takes her as his own bride.

    They are shown as a married couple by the events of the sequel; her character has a major role as Donkey chooses to leave home on the grounds that she was behaving uncharacteristically ill-tempered, but is reunited with her husband towards the ending of the movie when it appears that her grouchy behavior was a result of pregnancyand presents Donkey with their newborn hybrid children, the Dronkeys. Dragon's importance in the films has been known to shift and revert every now and again, she is usually depicted as Donkey's romantic interest, and seems to be acquainted with Fiona and the princesses featured in the films.

    She often appears as a running gag because of the convenient possibilities presented by her abilities, albeit she can serve as an effective means of protection because of these as well such as her consumption of Farquaad towards the end of the first film, which Donkey insists in Scared Shrekless was an accident. A silent character, Dragon has no spoken lines throughout the course of the franchise, though other characters, including Donkey, are able to somewhat understand her language when she communicates through hushed roars.

    Dragon appears in all 4 Shrek movies and Shrek 4-D. She is notably absent from Scared Shrekless and Donkey's Christmas Shrektacular, and neither was she mentioned in the latter film. Gingy is French because of his parentage. He is small and a fast runner, making him difficult to catch. He is made out of a normal carved-out gingerbread with icing and gumdrop buttons.

    He adores those buttons and begs Lord Farquaad not to pull them off. In Shrek the Halls he is afraid of Santa, as Santa has eaten his girlfriend. In the first film, he is first seen when Lord Farquaad ordered his bodyguard Thelonious to torture him in numerous ways, such as cutting off both of his legs and dunking him in a glass of milk.

    After an interrogation from Farquaad, he is thrown into a trash can when the Magic Mirror arrives and Gingy yells "Don't tell him anything! In Shrek 2, for example, when Pinocchio could not move himself while freeing Shrek and the trio from prison, Gingy sighs, and goes to help. He is also somewhat wild, and a prankster. He is cunning and can distract others, such as when Lord Farquaad demands to know where the other fairy tale creatures are and he replies by reciting the Muffin Man nursery rhymewhich Farquaad believes for a moment.

    Instantly, Gingy's life flashes before his eyes, while in reality, he is mindlessly babbling away. In Shrek Forever After, he is shown to have a dark, violent side. In an alternate universe with Rumpelstiltskin as king, he fights and kills gingerbread animals as a gladiator for a living.

    He also tries to attack and bring in Shrek for Rumpel, despite being so much smaller. He is eaten by an overweight Puss in Boots in the alternate universe, but is seen alive again at the ogre triplets birthday party when the original timeline is restored.

    Arthur Pendragon[ edit ] Arthur Pendragon voiced by Justin Timberlake is a supporting character who appears only in Shrek the Third and is loosely based on King Arthur. Artie is the cousin of Fiona. His father, presumably Uther Pendragonseemingly abandoned him at the boarding school Worchestershire, where he remains until Shrek finds him. At Worcestershire, Arthur, nicknamed Artie, is relentlessly bullied and made fun of by everyone, most notably the popular Lancelot.

    He is at first unsure when confronted with the trials of being king, but gets used to the idea and manages to convince people to his way of thinking when he defends Shrek from the fairy tale villains.

    Artie does not appear in Shrek Forever After and neither was he mentioned. He was supposed to appear, but Justin Timberlake was unavailable to voice Artie because he was on a music performance tour, so he was absent from the film. He rarely speaks, and when he does, his voice is somewhat dull and monotonous. He wears a pink dress, recalling the grandmother of Little Red Riding Hood. In the first film, he is among the fairy-tale creatures who are banished to Shrek's swamp.

    In Shrek 2, he has become friends with Shrek and the others. In the film's intro, Prince Charming goes to Fiona's castle to rescues her but finds Big Bad in her bed.

    After that, they get into the castle and stop the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming. In Shrek the Third, he and several other fairytale characters attend Fiona's baby shower while Shrek, Donkey, and Puss in Boots are away. When Charming and his evil followers crash the party, the Big Bad Wolf and the others stage a calm tea party. He also helps prevent Charming and the other evil fairytale creatures from killing Shrek in front of the entire kingdom.

    He plays a small role in Shrek Forever After in the ogre triplets' birthday party and as Rumpelstiltskin's servant in the alternate universe. In The Pig Who Cried Werewolf, it is shown that in the light of a full moon, he transforms—werewolf-style—into a fat, female human chef who wants to cook the Three Little Pigs. Just as the full moon would transform a human into a werewolf, it apparently goes the other way with Big Bad, transforming him into a human.

    One of the pigs stated that Lord Farquaad "huffed and puffed and signed an eviction notice. They appear in all the Shrek films. By Shrek 2, the pigs have become best friends with Shrek.

    At the start of the film, they help look after Shrek's and Fiona's house while they visit Far Far Away. They thwart the Fairy Godmother's scheme and then celebrate.

    The pigs are less prominent in the third film. They appear at the start of the film, where Prince Charming has a new job as an actor in a dinner theatre. Along with the rest of the crowd, they jeer him, causing Charming to leave the stage. They later appear in the castle pretending to have tea with the others while Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots are finding Artie, the apparent heir to the throne, and Fiona, Queen Meriam and the princesses escape via a secret passage.

    Prince Charming storms in and demands Shrek's location. Under pressure when Pinocchio starts talking around in circles, one of the pigs reveals Shrek's plan and ends up locked up somewhere secret.

    The pigs are later freed and head to the castle to stop Prince Charming from killing Shrek in his show. The Three Little Pigs play a small part in Shrek Forever After, when they appear at the ogre triplet's birthday party.

    Later, in the alternate universe, they appear as attendants to Fifi in Rumpelstiltskin's castle. In Scared Shreklessthey appear after Gingy's story, running quickly and yelling "weeweeweewee Aron Warner still voices Wolf. In Shrek The Musicalthey have had enough of Lord Farquaad and his discrimination towards fairy tale creatures and join the rest of the fairy tale rebels in this story mainly appearing in "Story of my Life," "Freak Flag," "I'm a Believer," "This is Our Story," and any other numbers with the fairy tale creatures.

    Pinocchio[ edit ] Pinocchio voiced by Cody Cameron is a live wooden puppet and one of Shrek's best friends. He could not lie without having his nose growing very long, and he deeply dreams to become a real boy. In the first film, he is sold for five shillings by his creator, Geppetto.

    Later, Lord Farquaad banishes Pinocchio and others to Shrek's swamp. In Shrek 2, Pinocchio has become one of Shrek's best friends. They manage to get into the castle and stop the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming. After trying to grab the Fairy Godmother's wand, she zaps him with it and he turns into a real boy, but when the wand is passed to The Three Blind Mice it transforms Pinocchio back into a puppet.

    He sings " Mr. Roboto " in Far Far Away Idol. In Shrek the Third, Pinocchio attends Fiona's baby shower along with several other fairytale creatures, while Shrek, Donkey, and Puss in Boots are away. Charming and his followers crash the party and try to trick Pinocchio into telling them of Shrek's location, seeing that the puppet cannot lie; however, Pinocchio avoids this by talking in circles. When Shrek and his company return, they find Pinocchio imprisoned in a miniature theater, where he is forced to give marionette performances for paying customers.

    He is freed and helps to defeat Charming and the other evil fairytale creatures. Later, in the alternate universe, he nearly signs a contract with Rumpelstiltskin to become a real boy, but ink is accidentally spilled over the document.

    He later tries to gain Rumpelstiltskin's "deal of a lifetime" by painting Geppetto green and passing him off as Shrek. According to the story, Pinocchio works at Friar's Fat Boy.

    Shrek Forever After (Western Animation) TV Tropes

    Pinocchio also appears as an unlockable racer in the game Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing. His kart is a wooden horse, and his personal item is his long nose. In the Shrek musical, Pinocchio was originally performed by John Tartaglia. Also during the musical, Pinocchio, with the help of the Fairytale Creatures, learns the meaning of being true to yourself; and the meaning of what makes a family. In Scared Shrekless, he talks faster than any other film. He appears in the last story called "The Shreksorcirist.

    In the end, the voice in Pinocchio's head was a cricket who explains that he put all the thoughts in his head because he is his conscience until he gets stepped on. Smith in most films, Mike Myers in Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party are a trio of identical blind mice brothers with English accents that are friends with Shrek and the others.

    They are all blind, and that is why they sport black sunglasses and carry canes.

    Unlike in the fairy tale, their tails are not cut off and they show no signs of injuries. Their names are Forder, Gorder and Horder. At the beginning of the first film, Lord Farquaad banishes them to Shrek's swamp with the others.

    They are not seen again until the final musical number, " I'm a believer ", during which the fairies of Sleeping Beauty turn two of them into horses to pull a wagon made from an onion. They are later seen during the Royal Far Far Away Ball and again when Shrek in his human form is thrown into a police truck. They then get into the castle and help to stop the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming.

    Port Manteaux Word Maker

    In Shrek Forever After, the mice are only seen in the normal universe. Dronkeys[ edit ] Dronkeys are the hybrid offspring of Dragon and Donkey. They are introduced in Shrek 2 as little more than a stinger gag.

    Audience members missed having Dragon in the film, as was revealed to the filmmakers during test screenings. Donkey is delighted, and dubs the dronkeys "our little mutant babies". The dronkeys have very little screen time in Shrek the Third. They appear initially to give Shrek a wake up call, then to bid farewell to Donkey before his journey with Shrek.

    Near the film's climax, Donkey frees them from Prince Charming's capture. In addition, a few dronkeys make an appearance at the film's close, when Shrek and Fiona are caring for their newborn triplets.

    In the alternate universe, when Donkey is told he has children, he asks: They are featured playing with the ogre children of Shrek and Fiona and flying around while their mother dances. They have antlers and fly around in Donkey's Christmas story. All the dronkeys love their parents, especially their father, and seem to have become good friends with the ogre triplets.

    The only individual to be given any semblance of a personality is Bananas, who has bright green irises that are noticeably wall-eyedand frequently sneezes small tongues of flame. Donkey refers to Bananas as "my special boy". Some confusion exists as to why one dronkey is missing in Shrek 2. When the dronkeys were first introduced in the film's post-credits scene, there were six, including a unique individual which was red like her mother.

    She does not appear in Shrek the Third; this is a continuity error on the part of the filmmakers. In Shrek Forever After, the dronkeys are seen playing with Shrek's children, appeared at their birthday and also a cause of nuisance for Shrek.

    They are not seen in the alternate universe as they do not exist on that timeline. The Dronkeys were absent from Scared Shrekless, and neither were they mentioned.

    Farkle indicated by the tuft of hair and Fergus are male, and Felicia is female indicated by a pink bow in her hair. Just as many minor characters are members of the staff crew, the Ogre Triplets are voiced by offspring of staff crew, gender of voice not always same as actor: In Shrek the Third, Fiona tries to talk Shrek into the possibility of parenthood by saying when they return to their swamp, there could be some little "ogre feet" too, but Shrek is too worried about his inexperience as a parent to pursue this idea right now.

    Just as Shrek embarks on a journey with Donkey and Puss in Boots to find Artie, Fiona announces to Shrek that she is pregnant, and Shrek begins to panic internally. During the journey, Shrek dreams of hundreds of ogre babies, constantly getting into danger and him having trouble saving them. In the dream, they flood Shrek's house and laugh at Shrek while he is naked apart from his graduation hat.

    He wakes up in another dream, where Donkey and Puss's faces have turned to that of the ogre babies. Shrek wakes up screaming and reveals to Puss and Donkey how shocked he is by this news. Donkey attempts to assure Shrek fatherhood will not ruin his life. Shrek says he is worried about ruining his child's life as ogres aren't known for being loving and nurturing. His fears prove to be well-founded when he reveals to Artie his own abusive father, who tried to eat him. By the end of the film, they have been born and are shown playing around the swamp, Shrek and Fiona getting used to being their parents, with the help of Puss, Lillian, Donkey and Dragon.

    Two of them pull Puss's tail and put a pacifier into his mouth. Another pulls some ear wax from Shrek's ear and uses it to draw pictures with its left hand. Later that night, they are shown sleeping and snoring, all in one small baby cot. Shrek and Fiona constantly give them slug juice for drinks. The ogre babies are shown prominently in the credits, along with Puss in Boots and Donkey. Two of the siblings are shown to like Puss, hugging him tightly and call him "Kitty".

    Puss is displeased when they use him for tug-o-war. They are seen more in Shrek the Halls, enjoying the seasons with their father and ecstatically enjoying their first Christmas with their parents.

    When Donkey brings the others to enjoy the holidays with them, the ogre babies hug Puss too tightly, pat his back, and tug on his tail. They enjoy various Christmas stories and get to see Santa Claus at the end.

    The triplets do not appear in the alternate universe in Shrek Forever After as Shrek and Fiona meet, but do not marry in that universe. Shrek later finds Felicia's doll in his pocket, causing him to cry.

    As Shrek begins to disintegrate, he tells Fiona about their children, just before she kisses him, restoring the timeline.

    Shrek says he's not going to eat Rumpelstiltskin because he "already had curly-toed weirdo for breakfast. Played for Laughs during a montage in which Shrek dresses as a veiled bride at a man's wedding. The first film and this has the song "I'm a Believer" at the end.

    Shrek with repetitive family life near the start. Fiona in the new timeline, as a result of Shrek not rescuing her, no longer believes in true love. True love didn't get me out of that tower, I did. Don't you get it? It's all just a big fairy tale! Fiona, don't say that, it does exist! And how would you know? Did you grow up locked away in a dragon's keep? Did you live all alone in a miserable tower?

    Did you cry yourself to sleep every night waiting for a true love that never came? When Shrek is captured by the witches and brought before him, Rumpelstiltskin proceeds to gloat about how he was conned—culminating in telling him his kids no longer exist.

    All Rumpelstiltskin accomplishes, though, is enraging Shrek to the point of breaking free and escaping.

    An evil variant in Rumpelstiltskin and his obsession with wigs. When Shrek and Donkey are rushing to the dragon's keep to find Fiona, part of the wooden bridge breaks off when Donkey steps on it in a similar way to when it happened in the first movie. Donkey's shocked expression is exactly the same, too.

    Shrek made a very bad deal with Rumpelstiltskin who as payment takes a single day from his life the day he was bornnow Shrek gets to be " an ogre for a day ", and when his day is over, so is he.

    The dronkies and the ogre triplets.

    How to tie knots. When Shrek meets Fiona for the first time in the alternate timeline and tries to tell her who he is, the story is so unbelievable that all the ogres are speechless, and crickets are heard chirping in the background. One of the witches at the beginning.

    Characters and clips from the previous three films are put together in a sequence. Cue the Falling Object: After Shrek smashes the birthday cake and leaves the party, everyone stares in horror while Gingy's pastry chaps fall from his legs.

    All of Rumpelstiltskin's contracts have one of these, but he's smart enough to hide it by making it so that you have to fold the contract a certain way in order to read it. Felicia seems to be especially close to Shrek. Finding her toy in his pocket and realizing she doesn't exist causes him to shed Manly Tears. At the beginning of the movie, Rumpelstiltskin tears out pages from a fairytale book in Pinocchio's bookstore.

    How will he pay? After everything Shrek went through making a deal with Rumpelstiltskin, realizing he lost his love, family and lifeHe learned to appreciate the life he has, earned back Fiona's love, and got his life back.

    Spear Carrier TV Tropes

    A variant occurs, where Shrek finds his daughter's favorite doll apparently having fallen from one of his pockets. It has the same "Isolated doll" factor if the circumstances aren't identical to the norm. Shrek terrorizes a village, finds out his entire life has been undone, gets captured and subsequently escapes, joins the resistance, etc. Everything from the start to the part where Rumpelstiltskin gets kicked out of Pinocchio's bookstore and wishes Shrek was never born is both this and backstory for him.

    Face Death with Dignity: Shrek when it looks like his time has run out. Luckily, he's still saved.

    I got the chance to fall in love with you all over again. Shrek and Donkey have both become this. Shrek, to his chagrin at first, but later comes to appreciate it as he realizes how much his family and friends completed his life. Donkey loves it completely though. In the alternate universe, he's super excited to find out from Shrek that he's a father. I don't know, any day. A day from your past. A day you had the flu? A day you lost a pet? A day some meddling oaf stuck his nose where it didn't belong destroying your business and ruining your life!

    Just for an example. Rumpelstiltskin's luxurious palace surrounded by the barren fields and run-down city. This is likely due to simple greed as opposed to a magical connection between the king and the land though. For Want of a Nail: In the beginning, Fiona's parents were literally seconds away from signing away their kingdom and lives for Fiona's freedom, only for a messenger to break in reporting that someone saved Fiona, causing them to tear up the contract and leave Rumpelstiltskin in the dust.

    In the alternate timeline where Shrek was never born, the messenger didn't arrive since Fiona wasn't rescued by anyone, causing the contract to be signed and letting Rumpelstiltskin take over.

    From Bad to Worse: Shrek starts to realize something is wrong when he finds a wanted poster with Fiona's face on it. It gets progressively worse from there. Getting Crap Past the Radar: Donkey yelling at Gingi, "What you talking about, cracker!?

    Maybe he was only evil in Rumpel's world. The movie was intended to act as "the final chapter" in the Shrek franchise, though recently there have been rumors about a fifth one in the works. Shrek, when he realizes he can't get his life back. He turns himself in so he can use Rumpelstiltskin's "Deal of A Lifetime" to free Fiona and the other ogres, and when Rumpelstiltskin is defeated and Shrek starts to disappear he accepts this and is happy Fiona is safe and he had a happy life with her.

    Shrek turns himself into Rumpel in order to get the loophole-free wish that had been offered.