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    Girls Quotes ( Quotes)

    More Visitor Comments from the Voting form ashley this poem truly touched my heart. I have a boyfriend from school at the moment, but i met this one guy online and i love him more than my boyfriend.

    But the guy online lives to far away. Miranda This was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes! It makes me think of me, and my internet relationship with my hubby Zac.

    It really inspired me! Tabatha I loved this poem so much. It's exactly what I'm going through. I've wanted to write some peoms about it but I haven't been able to find the right words. Great job, it's perfect.

    I felt like I couldn't possibly love this great guy cause I've never met him, and no one ever falls in love with someone over the internet.

    Girl Meets World Quotes, Quotations & Sayings

    Now I know I'm not alone, and that it is possible, and it is real. It was saying exactly what I was feeling. It is a beautiful poem. Thank you for writing it.

    First Time Meeting Someone Quotes, Quotations & Sayings

    Felixia I was looking for a poem to send to my love in chicago and this fits us perfectly. He lives in the U. S, I live in the Caribbeanwe are not sure when we are going to meet Courtney this is a very touching poem. I am going through the same thing Sphynx This poem touch me and my partner who is currently in Taiwan.

    My partner will come home soon here in the Philippines and would love to see me in person this July. Kurt It's just simply beautiful. Falcon Very lovely poem and very true to what am now experiencing. Have long distance relationship from online and waiting for my new love to come here to america. Thanks savio this is not only a poem this is a heart beat of many coupelsand mine also.

    Thank you so much for putting your poem on here, it makes me feel like im not weird for liking him how i do even though we have not met.

    Girls Quotes ( Quotes)

    Bahtisen Wonderful, and I am sure there is many feeling the same. DJC I loved this poem.

    Girls Quotes ( Quotes)

    It was sent to me by the man I love and I almost cried. It is everthing that I want to tell him. Even though we have never met he is the one that I will love for the rest of my life. Without him my life is empty.

    Girls Quotes ( Quotes)

    I cant wait to be with him in a few months. Just get rid of her. Regina says everyone hates you because you're such a slut. You didn't hear it from me. Whatever, she has a right to know. I can't go out. You have really good eyebrows. The meaner Regina was to her, the more Gretchen tried to win Regina back.

    She knew it was better to be in The Plastics, hating life, than to not be in at all. Because being with The Plastics was like being famous. People looked at you all the time, and everybody just knew stuff about you.

    We're the Millers Quotes Requotables

    That new girl moved here from Africa. I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip-flops, so I bought army pants and flip-flops. That Cady girl is hot. She might even be hotter than Regina George. I hear Regina George is dating Aaron Samuels again. The two were seen canoodling at Chris Eisel's Halloween party. They've been inseparable ever since. I spent about 80 percent of my time talking about Regina.

    Mean Girls Movie Transcript Lindsay Lohan

    And the other 20 percent of the time, I was praying for someone else to bring her up so I could talk about her more. Now that's she's getting fatter, she's got pretty big jugs. But I couldn't stop. It just kept coming up like word vomit. You told me that one before.

    Girls Quotes ( Quotes)

    Did he say why? He said some guy on the baseball team.

    Boy Meets Girl Quotes 11 quotes by

    I gave him everything. I was half a virgin when I met him. You wanna do something fun? You wanna go to Taco Bell? I can't go to Taco Bell, I'm on an all-carb diet!

    Girls Quotes ( Quotes)