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  • I swear it did. It laughed and it changed as I watched.

    As it changed, it stayed the same. The river was all about time, it was about how little time actually mattered. I looked at my watch.

    I was an hour and a half late. The river laughed at me again. It looks like an interesting project. Girl Meets Boy is Smith's retelling of Ovid's story of Iphis and Ianthe, which deals with the idea gender fluidity or transformation within the context of heteronormativity.

    What Smith does, however, is to tell the story, or rather a story playing with similar ideas, in the context of two sisters, Anthea and Imogen "Midge"based in one of my favourite places - Inverness.

    Anthea is a free-spirited idealist who dislikes her job in the local PR firm her sister got her. Imogen is a straight-laced pragmatist who is pursuing her ambitions in the same firm, which currently tries to market over-priced bottled water.

    The story really kicks off when a protester by the artistic alias of Iphis07 vandalises the PR firm's property: The boy up the ladder at the gate was in a kilt and sporran.

    The kilt was a bright red tartan; the boy was black-waistcoated and had frilly cuffs, I could see the frills at his wrists as I came closer. I could see the glint of the knife in his sock.

    I could see the glint of the little diamond spangles on the waistcoat and the glint that came off the chain that held the sporran on. He had long dark hair winged with ringlets, like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, but cleaner. Top 20 Worst Movies of Snatched Snatched After a fifteen year hiatus, Goldie Hawn made her return to the silver screen in this comedy with Amy Schumer.

    Top 20 Worst Movies of Boy Meets Film

    The film manages a decent mother-daughter relationship between the two, but something else in the film is far more distracting. The film is thoughtful and has good intentions, and features a premise that has high potential of conveying the messages the film wants to convey.

    The problem is that it tries to convey so many political messages that the audience never gets a chance to think for themselves, much less breathe, while watching the movie. In an attempt to convey so many messages, every character in the film is taken to such an extreme that it becomes very easy to detach from the story.

    Josh Gad does some excellent voice work as the dog, but otherwise the film is lazy and uncreative in every way. Not only is this movie heavily reliant on visual effects, but a whole lot of those visual effects are simply terrible.

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    Just look at that digital mustache removal, not to mention the garbage mo-cap animation with the villain. In addition to bad visual effects, the story was as uninspired as could be. And with the character of Wonder Woman, it felt like all the progress that was made with her movie in June was almost completely reversed.

    The Last Knight Transformers: The Last Knight Oh Transformers. Perhaps even more so than DC Comics films, the Transformers movies are perhaps the most consistent members of my Worst of the Year lists.

    Girl Meets Boy The Myth of Iphis by Ali Smith

    This one was something extra special. From featuring a pointless medieval battle, to going nowhere with a child-character who was the main focus of all the trailers, this film was just face-palm after face-palm.

    Stanley Tucci as Merlin talking to giant robots is probably the worst idea of the year. Please, someone tell Michael Bay to stop.

    The Circle The Circle One of the brightest prospects of the first part of the year ended up being one of the worst films of The problem, though, was the screenplay. It begs to be Big Brother, it tries so hard to be relevant, but it is only forgettable.

    Home Again Home Again This movie is literally just rich white people doing rich white people things.

    Girl Meets Boy Because There Are Two Sides to Every Story by Kelly Milner Halls

    Because all it does is make every single person involved more unlikable. The problem was that the story was adapted terribly.

    Several points in the film introduce a character, place, or concept, then completely forget about them for the rest of the movie. For a story like this, an hour and a half is no time to introduce characters, worlds, and fantasy in general. With no time to develop, this movie is a disastrous storm of kinda cool ideas which we never get the chance to see. Unforgettable Unforgettable Easily the most ironic title of