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  • Teams meet twice a week, before or after school for 10 weeks. Over the course of the program, girls will develop and improve competence, feel confidence in who they are, develop strength of character, respond to others and oneself with care and compassion, create positive connections with peers and adults, and make a meaningful contribution to community and society. Girls on the Run serves girls in grades When does programming start?

    Programs are offered twice a year in the fall and in the spring. Fall programs begin in September, following the start of the school year, and conclude in early December. Our Spring programs begin in March and end in mid-May.

    Meet The Daring FreeDiver Who Talks To Sperm Whales

    How often does the program meet? Teams meet twice a week just before or just after school, over the course of 10 weeks. The school-based programs do not meet on days that schools are not in session or on early release days.

    How long is each session? Can you describe a typical session? Each session focuses on a specific issue-related topic which is incorporated into the activities and games planned for the lesson. The coaches begin the lesson by introducing and explaining the day's topic.

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    The girls then warm up their muscles with a brief interactive running activity or game. Then, the girls stretch and further discuss how the activity related to the topic.

    Meet The Daring FreeDiver Who Talks To Sperm Whales

    Next, the girls perform the workout, which primarily consists of running laps but also integrates the topic of the day. For example, the girls may have to answer questions about the day's topic each time they complete a lap.

    The lesson ends with stretching, reviewing what the girls learned that day, and a group cheer. Why the young age? Studies show that girls between the ages of eight and fourteen are still receptive to adult influence, while beginning to feel peer pressure.

    It's an age psychologists call the latency period of development when girls begin to confront important life and relationship issues. In addition, learning healthy exercise habits early in life increases the chances that participants will value their own physical fitness as adults.

    Recent studies show that only those who develop exercise habits in their teen years or earlier are likely to maintain those habits for life. It's well documented that regular, moderate exercise improves cardiovascular functioning, and reduces the risk of developing breast cancer, osteoporosis brittle bonesand obesity. In addition, girls of this age are more open to the positive peer influences, positive adult role models and the confidence enhancing which are all parts of the GOTR experience.

    Who delivers the program?

    Associated Press News

    Each session is led by a trained female head coach plus two assistant coaches that volunteer their time to guide and mentor girls through a fun and uplifting program. Do girls have to be runners? The program is non-competitive and focuses on helping participants develop healthy, positive self-images.

    Meet The Daring FreeDiver Who Talks To Sperm Whales

    Girls are encouraged to walk or run the laps during the workouts, and all girls progress at their own speed. And I want to start posting more in general.

    A few months ago, a colleague of mine, who is black, was telling me how excited she was to get the results back from one those DNA tests that tells you where your ancestors are from, based on your genetic makeup. She and her family were thrilled to discover that they had roots in, among other places, Nigeria and Ghana. I understood, on an intellectual level, how meaningful this must be to a family whose relatives just a few generations back were enslaved, their countries, cultures of origin and even their names erased, rendered irrelevant.

    We spent Memorial Day weekend see! We met and hung out and sang Alastair and Clio did, that is, at a house concert benefit and danced Elsa taught everyone how to floss and ate and prayed and learned all weekend with this group of families and friends and supporters.

    Meet The Daring FreeDiver Who Talks To Sperm Whales

    We also saw Civil War reenactors from the 6th US Colored Infantry Regiment and as they stood there in degree heat in their wool uniforms, we gained a new sympathy for how miserable it must have been on the battlefields and in the camps in the summer.

    Which was sort of strange to contemplate.

    Meet Girls Meet Women Find Girls Find Women

    If that makes sense. One of the most moving moments of the weekend was hearing the women who co-chair the Stoutsberg Cemetary Association talk about their passion in tracing the ancestry and lineage of the people buried in the cemetery, who include a number of Civil War veterans, and even a Revolutionary War vet.

    I knew, of course, that for many African Americans descended from slaves, their ancestry before the mid- or even late nineteenth century is a blank space: Full names, dates and places of births and weddings and deaths, regions of origin unknown, with the only records of their existence to be found and usually not found in bills of sale and trade. Whereas me, on the other hand?

    Meet The Daring FreeDiver Who Talks To Sperm Whales

    Ancestry enthusiasts in my family have traced threads of my family as far back as 15th century England. I already knew that. Why, why, WHY do I let myself get sucked into these things?

    Meet The Daring FreeDiver Who Talks To Sperm Whales

    Anyway, I was feeling kind of raw that day. When I went up to the counter to pay for my wine, the cashier was a tall, twenty-something white guy with a tough sort of look about him.

    Tattoos on his arms, including one of an American flag.

    Meet The Daring FreeDiver Who Talks To Sperm Whales

    I immediately thought because I was in that kind of mood: Maybe one of these damned anti-government militia groups. I told him how my kids are huge fans.

    I told him it was awesome; he said he was hoping to go. We told each other to have a great day as I left. Of course, he might also have been an anti-government militia guy, or who knows what else.

    Meet The Daring FreeDiver Who Talks To Sperm Whales

    But the point is, people are so, so, so complicated and unpredictable. I tense up when I drive behind American-made pickup trucks. Even when I see American flags on houses, I wonder: Which is totally and completely ridiculous, I realize. We have Democrat friends with American flags on their houses.