Episode – The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct The Corbett Report

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  • Also, Katrina vanden Heuvel from The Nation, but whatever.

    Episode – The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct The Corbett Report

    Rovzar plays a totally traitorous person who edits VanityFair. But I guess this proves it: Gossip Girl really does know everything that goes on. Or maybe our cleaning lady has connections to Dorota You know how characters on Gossip Girl can get from the Upper East Side to a Brooklyn apartment really, really quickly?

    I think they must have those magic doors they had in The Adjustment Bureau.

    Episode – The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct The Corbett Report

    Probably you want to know about Penn Bagdley and Michelle Trachtenberg, or as we prefer to call them, Dan and Georgina. They were both really, really nice and very patient with Chris and I shouting in their faces and giving our lines our Joaquin Phoenix—all while they were just being, like, normal.

    Episode – The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct The Corbett Report

    Dan liked the Occupy Wall Street poster. Georgina liked my shoes, which were not my shoes but really fancy shoes picked out for me by costumer designer Eric Daman. What is the insinuation I am making about Chuck Bass and the owner of our magazine? What is my motivation?

    Anyway, afterward, both Chris and I made the same two observations: It is that amazing. And wow, Penn Badgley can make some serious eye contact. Nelly Yuki, like many a high-school nerd before her, has become a journalist in order to speak truth to power, by which she means the girls who were mean to her in high school.

    MTV Original TV Shows, Reality TV Shows MTV

    Plus 1 Nelly Yuki, the high-school nerd who covers the popular girl world of fashion, insists she is not biased. Plus 2 Nelly Yuki, college-age fashion reporter, blithely condescends to Dan Humphrey, college-age novelist about to turn down an offer from Vanity Fair, about his career and life choices. The Minions are still wearing headbands! Oh, wait, it really is. Plus 4 Nate watches the Millionaire Matchmaker and follows her advice as best he can.

    Plus 1 Plus 3 for Nate quickly getting off the phone with the girl he never wants to see again but not before giving her the exact coordinates of where he is going to be for the next six to eight hours.

    Yes, I do wear Alberta Ferretti dresses to work. We know that face! Plus 1 Georgina gives Dan some writerly advice. First of all, hello to all you kooky Gossip Girl fans. This should go without saying, but all discussion should be Safe For Work. The primary fetish is monster girls raping men. The original game, known simply as "Monster Girl Quest", consists of three chapters.

    The first two chapters were released separately in while the third chapter was released in The sequel, Monster Girl Quest: Paradox, is set in an alternate universe to the original and also consists of three chapters.

    The first was released in and the second inwith the third still in development. There is also a 2 episode anime, Monster Girl Quest: Succubus's Fantasy, set after the events of the original game. The setting is not related in any way to Monster Girl Encyclopedia, except for some of its characters being designed by the creator of MGE, Kenkou Cross. Don't mention MGE here unless it is actually relevant e.

    Episode – The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct The Corbett Report

    For more information, the series has its own wiki and pages on All the Tropes. Setting spoiler-free The original game takes place in a world with three races of sapient beings: The latter two are all-female, with monsters being dependent on human men to reproduce. Additionally, human semen has magical qualities in this world, being nutritious and tasty for monsters and angels alike.

    The dominant human religion is worship of the Goddess Ilias, the leader of the angels, who claims to have created the world and everything within it. Ilias refers to monsters as her failed creations and a blight upon humanity, and blesses heroes to fight monsters. The attitudes of humans towards monsters has varied through history, with some periods of acceptance.

    Episode – The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct The Corbett Report

    However, thirty years before the present day, monsters attacked the city of Remina and massacred all of the humans. This event, known as the Slaughter of Remina, means that there is now widespread hatred towards monsters. The Monsters are ruled by the Monster Lord, a position held by the strongest of monsters.

    The current Monster Lord has four subordinates of incredible power, known as the Four Heavenly Knights. Granberia, the dragon swordswoman of fire; Alma Elma, the hedonistic succubus of wind; Tamamo, the nine-tailed kitsune of earth; and Erubetie, the regal slime of water. She was eventually defeated and killed by the human hero Heinrich, resulting in a legend that has been passed down among humans and monster alike.

    Paradox takes place in an alternate universe sometimes called the "Paradox universe" by fans where, instead of the Slaughter of Remina, a calamity known as the Great Disaster occurred. The geography was drastically altered, with the Sentora Continent splitting into pieces while a new continent rose from the sea. The Tartarus, seven massive holes leading to caverns filled with strange monsters, opened up around the world.

    Heaven was destroyed, with the angels falling to earth while Ilias went missing.

    Episode – The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct The Corbett Report

    Due to the absence of Ilias and the Slaughter of Remina never occurring, humans and monsters and now angels live together in relative peace. Additionally, advanced technology has been retrieved from the Tartarus, resulted in a technological revolution.

    The atmosphere is filled with holy and dark energy, allowing all humans to use magic. But all is most certainly not well in this alternate universe. The human nation of Grangold has declared war on the other three, led by a king with immense, seemingly inhuman power. Several major figures, such as the Sabasa King and the Monster Lord Alice XV, have gone missing, forcing their children to take their places. A religious schism has developed within the church, with a splinter faction forming who reject the use of machines.

    And the cause of the Great Disaster remains unknown to this day The story of the various works in the series is summarised before. All major plot points will be spoiled.

    TIME Current & Breaking News National & World Updates

    I should mention that I've never played the games myself; everything I know comes from secondhand information and Youtube Let's Plays. The information below should be taken with a grain of salt, especially the summaries for MGQ: P which has yet to be fully translated. If you see anything incorrect, tell me so that I can correct it. Monster Girl Quest Spoiler: Chapter 1 The story begins with Luka, a young man aspiring to be a hero. On the day that he plans on being baptised as a hero, the Goddess Ilias appears to him in a dream and encourages him to become a hero.

    She tells him to slay the Monster Lord, the ruler of the monsters, and therefore bring peace to the world.

    However, Luka has his own desire - to bring about peaceful coexistence between humans and monsters. A monster specifically a slime girl appears near the village, so Luka heads out to fight her off. However, a second monster, this one resembling a lamia suddenly falls to the earth with a crash.

    Episode – The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct The Corbett Report

    Luka checks to see if she is injured, and the monster awakens. She talks to him, confused about why he would try and help a monster, and laughs at him when he claims to want the two races to get along.

    Luka eventually has to run off as he's late for his baptism, though he still doesn't make it. Despite this failure, he decides to still set out and try and be a hero. When he returns home, he finds the monster there. Introducing herself as Alice full name Alipheese Fateburn XVIshe claims to find Luka's childish ideal interesting and decides to accompany him on his journey. Thus the two of them travel around the world, encountering all kinds of people and becoming involved in various events.

    Because Luka is reluctant to kill people, Alice gives him the Angel Halo, a sword that seals its targets into a harmless form. At several points, Alice rapes Luka in order to satisfy her hunger, though she avoids going all the way. One of these, the nine-tailed kitsune Tamamo, reveals that Alice is in fact the Monster Lord.

    Even after this revelation, Luka decides that Alice isn't an enemy and continues travelling with her. Alice proposes that Luka increase his power by forming contracts with the Four Spirits, the embodiments of the four classical elements. Luka contracts with Sylph, the playful spirit of the wind, and Gnome, the taciturn spirit of the earth, though he has difficulty using their powers properly.

    Along the way, the duo find various coloured orbs, which Alice insists on taking with them. Furthermore, they run into several people who have been given advanced technology by a mysterious woman, seemingly for nothing in return. Chapter 2 Luka and Alice continue on their journey. Luka contracts with the remaining two spirits, Undine and Salamander, representing water and fire respectively. Along the way, they hear a rumour about someone calling herself Black Alice, after a former Monster Lord feared for her cruelty, who is recruiting anti-human monster to her cause.

    During a confrontation with the monster supremacist Cassandra, Cassandra reveals that Alice actually desires human-monster coexistence as well. After Luka has formed contracts with all four of the spirits, Alice reveals the true purpose of the orbs: After they've finished collecting the orbs, Alice decides to rape Luka via vaginal intercourse.

    Episode – The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct The Corbett Report

    They then revive Galda and thus reach the final continent. Luka challenges each of the Four Heavenly Knights and, having mastered the power of the spirits, manages to defeat them all. As monsters follow the strongest, the Knights agree to help Luka in bringing about coexistence between humans and monsters. However, Alice suddenly interrupts and forces Luka to fight her as well. She believes that she, the Monster Lord, needs to be killed by a hero in order for the other monsters in the world to stop attacking humans.

    Luka does fight and defeat Alice, but vehemently refuses to finish her off, stating that it won't help anything. Eventually, he manages to convince Alice that she should live. But Ilias appears, refusing to accept such an ending.

    After she orders Luka a final time to kill the Monster Lord, he decides that she is the one standing in the way of peace and attacks her. Ilias leaves and orders an attack on the castle. Angels and strange chimeric monsters invade the castle.

    Deborah 13 Servant of God Documentary Heaven

    Leading the army is Promestein, an angel who is in charge of Heaven's science and technology, and the one responsible for distributing technology earlier. She unveils the Next Dolls, special chimeras designed to counter the Four Heavenly Knights, and the artificial spirits, copies of the Four Spirits that allow any monster to strengthen themselves.

    But Luka and Alice can't afford to back down, and the chapter ends as they charge the invading army. Chapter 3 The chapter begins with monsters, including chimeras and artificial spirit-users, attacking towns and cities across the world. In the Monster Lord's Castle, Luka, thanks to wielding Angel Halo, is able to defeat the angel soldiers, who are impervious to any earthly attacks.

    However, Promestein reveals additional countermeasures: Tamamo comes to the rescue, causing Promestein to order a retreat. Luka pursues her to a secret underground laboratory, where he encounters Alice, who has escaped the seal by creating a weaker child body for herself. They fight Promestein and manage to get the upper hand despite their weakened states.

    Black Alice appears, revealing herself to be the genuine article. Black Alice was rescued by Ilias at the time of her supposed death and now serves her, and she withdraws with Promestein. There is no time to relax, however, as Luka hears that his Village is also being attacked, so he and Alice rush there on Galda. By the time they get there, the village has been levelled and none of its inhabitants remain. Driven to the peak of rage, Luka finds his body surging with holy energy, allowing him to defeat the angel responsible.

    It turns out that Luka is a half-angel. They then find that many of the villagers were rescued by a mysterious woman called Micaela. Micaela reveals herself to be a fallen angel, and Luka's aunt - Luka's mother was Lucifina, the first fallen angel.

    Micaela explains the background to current events: Ilias is only one of two goddesses in the world, the other being the Dark Goddess Alice I, creator of monsters; Ilias resented her counterpart and eventually declared war on her; to prevent the world from being destroyed, Alice I agreed to a deal where Ilias would avoid wiping out monsters while Alice I and the Six Ancestors the first six monsters created, who in turn gave rise to the others would seal themselves away. Micaela teaches Luka how to use his power and warns him that due to only being half-angel overuse of holy power will kill him.

    Tamamo arrives and gives an update on the global situation, including the fact that the Four Spirits have been sealed in four different places. Thus Luka and Alice have to travel around the world again, fighting off the heavenly armies and reforming contracts with the spirits. However, the seal on the spirits remains in effect and prevents Luka from fully using their powers.

    Moreover, they cannot take the fight to Heaven as the only way there, Heaven's Gate, is only accessible to angels. Finally, Luka's body is gradually corroded by overuse of holy energy. After returning to Hellgondo, they receive more information from Tamamo. She reports that the seal on the spirits is emitted from four towers, and plans on reprogramming the seal to instead seal away holy energy so that the angels lose their invulnerability.

    Luka and Alice head out and destroy several of the remaining enemy bases, in the process finding the device maintaining the seal on Alice though they can't destroy it yet as it's made of pure holy energy.

    They return in preparation for the counterattack. The next day, the heavenly armies begin a second assault, only to be stymied by the united front presented by the humans and monsters. They are able to defeat their counterparts with Tamamo revealing herself to be one of the Six Ancestors in the process and succeed in reprogramming the seal. This allows Luka, waiting near Heaven's Gate, to enter immediately, while Alice destroys her seal and heads towards the Gate.

    In Heaven, most of the angels have been sent on the assault. Black Alice devours Ilias and absorbs her holy energy to become a being of immense power. They don't have time to rejoice, as Ilias emerges from Black Alice's remains and reveals that this was her plan all along: Although she is now indisputably the most powerful being in existence, the Four Heavenly Knights and Micaela arrive, and through their combined efforts Ilias is brought down.

    As she dies, Ilias decides to do a genuinely godlike action and uses the last of her power to cure Luka of the holy energy-induced corrosion. Luka wakes up one month later. He and Alice go around the world again, seeing the new world where humans and monsters coexist. After returning to the Monster Lord's Castle again, they decide to get married. Alice wants to have children immediately and, because this is still a game about monster girl-on-human rape, rapes Luka for three days and three nights to get pregnant.

    Monster Girl Quest Paradox Spoiler: Chapter 1 As in the original game, Luka has a dream involving Ilias. However, in this dream, Ilias warns Luka of an impending danger to the world. The dream is interrupted by static, preventing Luka from properly understanding her message. When he wakes up, he considers it nothing more than a good omen due to Ilias being unseen since the Great Disaster. He plans on going on a journey to find out what happened to his missing father Marcellus, which he will do after undergoing his baptism ceremony.

    However, he hears that another villager has been kidnapped by evil slime girls in contrast to good slime girls, who live on a mountain near the Village and heads out to rescue him.

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    On the way, he encounters an angel child in the middle of a crater similar to how Alice was introduced in the original trilogy. The angel claims to be Ilias, but is vastly weaker, and she is confused upon seeing her shrunken state. Luka doesn't believe her and continues forward to rescue Hans. On his way back, he encounters Alice, a monster child resembling a lamia, who claims to be looking for a rabbit.

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    Back at the village, Luka is accosted by his childhood friend Sonya who explicitly did not exist in the original game, as her would-be mother died before having any children for being late. During the baptism, a miracle occurs - Ilias appears, telling Luka that the world is being overrun by darkness and that he is the only one who can stop it, before disappearing. Luka is understandably shaken by this event. He returns home to find Alice and Ilias fighting there, thinking the other is responsible for their weakened state.

    They explain their identities to him, though he's still skeptical. As neither of them can contact their subordinates, both of them want Luka to accompany them on their journey to uncover the truth. The player must choose one of them, which has significant effects on the plot later on. After the choice, the girl not chosen leaves, and Luka and the girl who was chosen explain their situations.