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  • Basic format[ edit ] Top Chef is a cooking show that uses a progressive elimination format. The beginning of each season starts with twelve to nineteen professional chefs selected through auditions. The chefs are brought to the season's host city or state, which typically inspires themes throughout the season. The chefs live in a provided apartment or house during the course of the season, with limited access to outside communication.

    Each episode, the chefs participate in a Quickfire Challenge and an Elimination Challenge described below. The winner of the Quickfire Challenge is typically granted immunity from elimination, a prize, or another benefit for the following Elimination Challenge.

    The loser of the Elimination Challenge, as the name suggests, is eliminated from the competition. This format continues until two or three chefs remain. Each finalist is challenged to create a full-course meal; the chef with the best meal as determined by the judges is declared the "Top Chef" of the season. Towards the end of the season, when only four or five chefs remain, the show moves to another location to finish out the competition.

    In the Quickfire Challenge, chefs must cook a dish that meets certain requirements for example, using specific ingredients or inspiring a certain taste or participate in a culinary-related challenge for example, a mise en place relay race or a taste testing contest.

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    They are usually given an hour or less to complete these tasks. The Quickfire challenge traditionally begins with the host saying "Your time starts now" and ending with the host saying "Hands up, utensils down". Early in the season, the winning chef s are granted immunity from the episode's Elimination Challenge.

    As the number of contestants dwindle, immunity is withdrawn and instead the winner receives an advantage such as being the team leader for a team challenge or getting first pick of ingredients or a prize such as chef's knives, wine, or cash. High-stakes Quickfire Challenges continued onward in further seasons. The twelfth season of Top Chef introduced the "Sudden Death Quickfire Challenge", where the chef with the least successful dish faces immediate elimination unless they win a cook-off against another competitor.

    In the Elimination Challenge, the chefs prepare one or more dishes to meet the challenge requirements, which often includes a specific theme and are usually more complex and require more time to execute than a Quickfire Challenge. Elimination Challenges may be individual challenges or require chefs to work in teams; some may require the contestants to produce several courses.

    Teams may be selected by the remaining chefs, but are more often determined by a random process, such as "drawing knives" from a knife block.

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    The time limit for an Elimination Challenge may range from a few hours to a few days, which typically includes preparation and planning time. Over the years, South Park has lampooned hundreds of celebrities. Some received a quick, easily missed one-liner, while others found themselves the subjects of entire episodes. Some enjoyed the slings and arrows; others wrote a song about it and put it on an album called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Some participated in their own mockery; others complained to Viacom and threatened not to participate in publicity for Mission: And all are included in this exhaustive list of celebrities mocked on South Park.

    Affleck, Ben He appears as the missing son of a couple suffering from TPS, a condition that makes their faces look like butts. See also Jennifer Lopez.

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    S12 Aguilera, Christina One side effect of Ritalin is the appearance of a monster with the face of Xtina. It causes Cartman to kill Kenny.

    S4 Akihito, Emperor He and fellow Japanese leader Prime Minster Yukio Hatoyama are ruthless in their war against dolphins and whales, who they believe dropped the atomic bombs on their country at the end of World War II. She wins the discrimination suit, but when Al decides he doesn't want to force the Mountain Scouts to accept gays, she labels him a homophobe.

    When they do move on, it's to hell. S13 Baldwin, Stephen At the end of an episode about Towlie's drug addiction, viewers are told to visit a website aimed at helping Baldwin make a comeback. Bay, Michael See M. Beck, Glenn Cartman mocks the tea-party hero with a chalkboard setup and conspiracy theories about how student-body president Wendy wants to kill Smurfs.

    Upon inspection, he determines it's bleeding out of its vagina, which isn't remarkable because women do that all the time. S9 Bieber, Justin A force of great evil, Bieber is squashed between the fingers of Cthulhu, who also kills a bunch of his fans. S14 Blaine, David The street magician beguiles people with his magic and then persuades them to join his cult, Blainetology.

    S8 Bono The longtime record-holder for world's biggest poop, U2's lead singer is revealed to be the record himself. Ina man pooped and raised the turd as Bono, explaining why he can do so much good and still seem like "such a piece of shit.

    See also Jim Rome. S16 Brown, Aaron The former CNN anchor continually interrupts correspondents to throw to other correspondents covering the story of a man coming back from the future.

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    Vilified as the "Richers," they soon flee South Park after the townspeople dress as ghosts and chase them out. Cartman's pissed, and Kyle laughs a lot. S10 Burton, Tim He's ridiculed for not having an original idea since Beetlejuice and repeatedly putting Johnny Depp in the same movie with the same music. S14 Bush, George W. The president is hell bent on building a ladder to heaven so the military can act on evidence that Saddam Hussein, dead for several months, is building WMDs up there.

    In the presser, Bush repeats the words of a hooded figure whispering in his ear. S9 The next season, he meets with Fox executives to convince them not to air an episode of Family Guy that shows Mohammed's face. Also admits that the U. S15 Cameron, James After Honey Boo Boo has lowered the bar so much, Cameron ventures to the depths of the ocean to find the bar and raise it. He's very self-absorbed, but he's ultimately victorious.

    See also Honey Boo Boo. S16 Carey, Drew He says "shit" a bunch on his show in an attempt to be edgy, but no one finds it funny anymore. He gets stabbed through the head by a Knight of Standards and Practices. Carrot Top Carrot Ass, as the show calls him, is onstage doing bad impressions when Ms. Crabtree, the school bus driver, heckles him until he pees his pants and walks offstage.

    S13 Cheney, Dick Never a great shot, the veep attempts to kill Kyle and Stan with a crossbow but misses. S10 Chertoff, Michael The former Homeland Security head has a deep hate for Peruvian pan-flute bands and sets out to eradicate them from the world with ruthless zeal.

    S3 Also see Kobe Bryant. Clinton, Hilary In South Park for a presidential rally, Clinton has a snuke in her snizz or a nuke in her vagina that was put there by the queen of England, who's trying to win the Revolutionary War once and for all.

    Simpson's lawyer employs the Chewbacca defense, which is meant to confuse the jury and lead to an acquittal. When the doctors realize they've created Phil Collins fans, they give the kids Ritalout and he's booed offstage. Simpson, the former congressman attends a support group for those who have lost someone close to them but had nothing to do with that person's death. Cosby, Bill See Kobe Bryant.

    Couric, Katie Two and a half pounds of human excrement is one couric, the official unit of measurement for poop. Crowe, Russell He's drunk, he's angry, and he's hosting a show called Russell Crowe: Fightin' Round the World, in which he travels the globe punching people out.

    Ron Hubbard, Cruise seeks his approval. When Stan says he's not a huge fan, Cruise hides in a closet and everyone spends the rest of the episode telling him to come out of the closet. S9 Later, while touring a candy factory, the boys spot him packing fudge. S14 Cutler, Jay Stan tells the quarterback he sucks but he'll be good one day.

    Dawkins, Richard The evolutionary biologist is called in to teach evolution at South Park Elementary and soon develops a sexual relationship with Mr.

    In a flash forward tothe world has been taken over by atheism, but there is a war among nonbelieving sects. Deen, Paula See Alton Brown.

    Girl Meets World Season 1

    Diamond, Neil Krishna takes the form of the singer-songwriter to entice Barbra Streisand, in robot dinosaur form, into a duet so she can be destroyed.

    S8 Also see Kobe Bryant. S3 Dion, Celine The ex-wife of fellow Canadian Terrance of Terrance and Phillip fame and mother of his child, she falls back into his arms after he rescues their daughter from Saddam Hussein.

    AM See Bea Arthur. Dog the Bounty Hunter and his crew. When Cartman needs to hunt down a teacher that slept with Ike, he plays the role of Duane "Dog" Chapman and recruits help from the bounty hunter's crew.

    Beth's boobs are enormous. S10 Donohue, Bill When Jesus arrives at the Vatican and says the pope was meant to be a rabbit, the head of the Catholic League resists his word. Instead, he declares himself pope and puts Jesus in jail. But Kyle kills Jesus, allowing him to escape from the cell and kill Donohue. Dramatic Chipmunk See Chris Crocker. Duchovny, David See Kobe Bryant. The NASCAR racers are normal and intelligent and not at all "poor and stupid," which is what Cartman believes is necessary to be a good race-car driver.

    S14 Edge See John Cena. Edward, John Stan sees the host of Crossing Over for what he is, a con man, and calls him out on it. Then he calls him the "biggest douche in the universe.

    S11 Elliott, Missy See Blink Fieri, Guy See Alton Brown. Flay, Bobby See Alton Brown. Fogle, Jared He comes to South Park to pitch the Subway diet and, after facing criticism for using aides a trainer and nutritionist to get thin, launches a campaign to give everyone aides.

    But everyone thinks he means AIDS, so they plan to kill him until the misunderstanding is revealed. They all laugh about AIDS. S6 Forbes, Steve Invited for a first look at a new mode of transportation called "IT," and seen in a black limo.

    Other attendees arriving for the sneak peek: See also Enrique Iglesias. See also the Kardashian clan. Frost, Jo and Cesar Milan. The Supernanny also comes in to set Cartman straight but, after three days with him, spends most of her time sobbing and eating her own excrement.

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    As her last resort, Cartman's mom calls in the Dog Whisperer. He ruthlessly uses dog-training techniques on Cartman, and they work. S10 Fuhrman, Mark and Michael Richard. The two users of the N-word invite Randy to join their group as they lobby Congress to make a law disallowing the use of the epithet "nigger guy.

    Garrison in the middle of the night. Gates, Bill See Steve Forbes. Giambi, Jason See Barry Bonds. He strips to his underwear and suggests they torture him instead. When the boys take their money and leave, Gibson chases them down in the tanker from The Road Warrior and eventually poops on Cartman's face. S8 Also see M.

    S16 Glass, Philip The minimalist composer is hired to create a creative, nondenominational Christmas pageant. He takes it too far, and everyone hates it. Though no one has ever seen it and few believe him, Gore insists that ManBearPig is real. It's given to the person most likely to show up and receive it … Tyler Perry.

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    S15 Hackman, Gene Concerned with Christopher Reeve's newfound addiction to sucking fetus juice to get stem cells, the actor rises up against him and works to pass a law outlawing fetus-juice-sucking and launching Reeve into space.

    S7 Hanks, Tom He'll act in anything, including a movie written by a fat third-grader that also stars a monkey. The two Japanese leaders are ruthless in their war against dolphins and whales, who they believe dropped the atomic bombs on their country at the end of World War II.

    S13 Hayward, Tom BP's CEO apologizes for the Gulf oil spill and for tearing a hole into another dimension and for drilling on the moon and releasing the "dark and mighty Cthulhu. S7 Hewitt, Jennifer Love She works at the Cow Days Festival, where five dollars buys a chance to throw a ball into her mouth and win a prize. Of course, the balls don't fit into her mouth. After bringing nearly all South Park women under her spell, Hilton is swallowed up by Mr. Slave's anus and he convinces parents that girls need a better role model.

    The new heart doesn't change her, though. In fact, it "makes [her] sassy, child!

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    See also Celine Dion. Garrison to invent a new mode of transportation called "IT. S2 Later appears at Satan's Halloween party without a costume.

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    Satan assumes he's someone else in a Steve Irwin costume, complete with sting ray hanging out of his chest, and tells him it's too soon for that costume.

    S10 Jackson, Alan Inspired by the efforts to build a ladder to heaven, the country star shows up to sing his song "Where were you when they built the ladder to heaven?

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    Garrison's kindergarten class only to learn there aren't any black students in Mr. He does, and a photo runs in several newspapers. Jefferson never had a childhood so he wants to live it as an adult, which causes him to neglect his son.

    His face is also falling apart after too much plastic surgery. S8 Also see Bea Arthur. John, Sir Elton He sings a song with Chef and it doesn't sound very good. S2 Later, visits South Park along with Broadway bigwigs Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Schwartz, and Stephen Sondheim to warn Randy that he cannot put on a musical with overt sexuality or it will ruin Broadway's shell game of priming female libidos with covert sexuality.

    S11 Jolie, Angelina Her pubic hair is where lice go to live in bliss. Their pure image is faked so Mickey can sell them to teen girls as both sexy and innocent. He appears in a news report singing about Tom Cruise being in the closet and eventually joins the two actors in the closet. King, Don Boxing's most famous and unscrupulous promoter takes up Satan as his newest client as the dark lord prepares to fight Jesus.

    S1 King, Larry He has Christopher Reeve on his show to discuss his success with stem cells and is unfazed when the actor opens a fetus and drinks its insides.