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  • The residential and industrial areas of Port Kembla are situated on acres of land granted to David Allan in The land was called "Illawarra Farm".

    In a port was opened to ship coal brought from the mine at Mt Kembla. Because of its association with the jetty serving the Mount Kembla mine, the area previously called Red Point became known as Port Kembla. The earliest reference to this name seems to have been in The new harbour was named Port Kembla by William Burall who opened the Mt Kembla Colliery and constructed the tramway between the colliery and the jetty.

    Kembla is an aboriginal word meaning "plenty of wild fowl". It was before Deputy Surveyor Meehan located land for the grant, which is shown as Portion 53, on the Parish of Wollongong map. Richard Jones sold it to William Charles Wentworth in Wentworth renamed the property 'Five Islands Estate'.

    The present day Steelworks is now located on a section of this grant. Dowd, ; Port Kembla Public School: Because of the increasing numbers of bushrangers and 'vagabonds' now roaming the area, it was felt that the presence of this regiment was needed to protect settlers from attacks by these outlaws. Bishop's duties also included returning any escaped convicts to Sydney, and ensuring no cedar was taken illegally from the government. Eventually the Regiment was moved to Wollongong, and located where the courthouse and goal fronting the harbour were later built.

    He arrived in Sydney on June 11th of that year, on board the 'Fortune', a male convict ship. He took up his land grant see above innaming it 'Illawarra Farm'.

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    Allan's time with the Commissariat Department was short lived. He and Governor Macquarie argued about the manner in which Allan carried out his duties, and he was eventually dismissed from the post after continuing to issue Promissory Notes when expressly forbidden to do so by Macquarie.

    Allan continued living at 'Illawarra Farm', grazing cattle. A report from the period states that Allan had 2, sheep, cattle and 20 horses. After his dismissal from government service, Allan and his wife and family of 9 sons and 3 daughters, left the farm and returned to England on the 'Surrey'.

    Allan retained his holdings, leasing them out for general farming. The farm boasted a 'good' cottage and offices. Allan's cottage was occupied by his managers Mr. Wholohan, with 2 rooms of the cottage occupied by soldiers of the Military Station, Red Point. Allan's farm was sold on 1st November, to Richard Jones. They sold the fish they caught to local and Sydney markets.

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    The Aboriginal fishermen fished this area up until the Second World War. Blackfish Luderick was the main fish caught. The fishermen chipped a hole in the volcanic rock adjacent to the beach, making holding pens. The fish were kept in these holding pens until the train transporting them left from Port Kembla railway station.

    Some of the local residents would also truck the fish to Sydney or Wollongong for the fishermen.

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    Wednesday was 'Government Day', when the proceeds of fish caught that day was taken by the government as payment for the fishing boat and gear given to the fishermen. During the World War II years, the Aboriginal fishermen left Hill 60, and at this time the first white men applied for permission from the Army Commander to work the beach.

    Nowadays, very little industrial fishing takes place here, but before the War, the enterprise was highly successful, producing sufficient fish to supply the Sydney and local markets. Because of its association with the jetty servicing the Mount Kembla mine, the area became known as Port Kembla, rather that Red Point. Arawata' which took on approximately tons of coal on 27th February, Ina total oftons of coal shipped from these private jetties.

    As the Coal Company extended during s, it constructed several buildings near the end of the railway line and jetty. These buildings were occupied by a number of company employees and their families.

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    40 Interesting Online Dating Statistics (January )

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