New And Used Caravans & Motorhomes Lowdhams Nottingham & Huddersfield

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  • Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland offers: Facilities include hot showers, children's bathroom, accessible bathroom with toilet and shower and camp kitchen.

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    Wednesday 4th July We still have vacancies the July school holidays. We have plenty of spaces still available for the July school holiday. We also have some really good options for groups even large groups available. Please call us if you are wanting to book for a group, so we can help you work out what might work for you.

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    To insure you don't miss out on options for group bookings you need to book a long way ahead, now is the time to organise your group booking for the upcoming long weekends. To enquire about prices, or to make a booking, please contact us as soon as possible, by email, phone or on-line enquiry.

    Giving me a call is great way to get information on availability, and set up a booking. If I don't answer please leave a message sometimes I'm not able to answer the phone for a little bit.

    I will give you a call back soon as I'm able to. If the phone rings out please try again in 10 or 15 minutes, it is also ok to call me in the early evening. At this time There are only 4 powered sites, 16 unpowered sites and some of our Redtro and Vintage Onsite Caravans available. If you want to get the choice of the remaining sites, particularly if you are part a big group, and can set up a booking now, I would highly recommend booking now. Sites are available for September, October and November AFL Grand Final long weekend Friday 28th September to Monday 1st October books out in advance, so it would be well worth while making a booking as soon as you know you want a space for this weekend.

    A significant number of sites powered and unpowered are already booked for the AFL Grand Final long weekend, so it would be wise to make your booking soon. Melbourne Cup long weekend Friday 2nd to Tuesday 6th November has booked out up to 2 months in advance.

    New And Used Caravans & Motorhomes Lowdhams Nottingham & Huddersfield

    Please book ahead to make sure you get a space. Spring School Holidays Victorian Dates - Saturday 22nd September until the end of the Grand Final long weekend can get very busy, particularly if it is an average or dryer year.

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    While we have not booked out for the Spring School holidays apart from the long weekend part we can run out of powered sites and onsite caravans. Please book as soon as you know you want a spot at this time to make sure you get a good choice of site s.

    Sunday 21st October to Tuesday 30th October At this time we still have powered and unpowered sites, and our Retro Onsite Caravans available for all nights for the rest of and Camping and Caravanning is different things to different people: If you are after large, grassy sites, spread out spaciously in a beautiful setting, some with views of the mountains, some amongst the big trees and some with views over our little lakes and wetland ponds, and some basic facilities showers with hot and cold water, flushing toilets, dish washing sinks, a centralised treated drinking water tap and very basic camp kitchenthen Grampians Paradise could be just what you are looking for.

    Some people are after other things. Here's a list of what we don't have, to help you work out if would enjoy a stay at Grampians Paradise. No potable water to the sites, no sullage at sites, no concrete pads for caravans, no dump point for toilet waste, no street lights or paved roads, no playground just lots of space for playno shop The Grampians Store is 10 minutes drive away, where there is Petrol, Diesel and Ice and no wifi Telstra, Optus and only some Vodafone's have data and call coverage in the camping ground.

    New And Used Caravans & Motorhomes Lowdhams Nottingham & Huddersfield

    There is 4 km of gravel road into Grampians Paradise. There is however TV reception, but the camp kitchen does not have a microwave.

    We do however have lots of native birds and animals around, some of the best views of the Grampians and we never let our parkland grounds get crowded. We a number of specials that are available upon request these are listed near the bottom of the Tariffs Page. To take up on these specials you will need to contact me by phone or email you can also use the online inquiry form on the Inquiry Page and request the special.

    For more details and information on conditions please see the Tariffs Page. To be able to claim a discount that is relevant to your booking please remember to request the discount on making your booking. The Hub is a great place to relax in the evenings, or even day time.

    There are comfy lounge chairs, some tables and chairs as well as a table tennis table. We can get the wood fire going in the hub to give you a warm place to relax on cold nights.

    New And Used Caravans & Motorhomes Lowdhams Nottingham & Huddersfield

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    New And Used Caravans & Motorhomes Lowdhams Nottingham & Huddersfield

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    New And Used Caravans & Motorhomes Lowdhams Nottingham & Huddersfield

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    Warnock Report ()

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    New And Used Caravans & Motorhomes Lowdhams Nottingham & Huddersfield

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