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    Discrimination Against Single Mother By Karly Smith On Prezi

    By Laura Lifshitz posted Feb 24th, at 3: You should try too. You can do it at home, at night after the kids go to bed, in your pajamas if you want. Phone Apps Tinder Pros: Tinder is quick and easy.

    You set it up through your Facebook account and set your preferences within minutes. Searching for matches is super simple.

    Discrimination Against Single Mother By Karly Smith On Prezi

    A simple swipe left, and that dream guy is gone forever; a simple swipe right, and he could end up a match for life! This leaves you wondering things like: The list goes on.

    Discrimination Against Single Mother By Karly Smith On Prezi

    The most frustrating aspect about Tinder: Yeah, I said that! What makes it unique is women have to pitch the first message. Guys cannot contact you first. This is a huge pro. Like Tinder, Bumble is easy to set up. It uses your Facebook information and within seconds, voila!

    SingleParent Work Schedule Discrimination Tracey Allard

    My experience with Tinder was that men could waste your precious single-mom minutes messaging you back and forth. So if I make a mistake or want a second look at someone, I can backtrack and revisit a potential match.

    This feels like a waste of time when you match with someone only to find out that, bam! Phone apps are quick to install and use but often come with glitches. Messages often freeze or are never received. Additionally, because men tend to simply look at the photos without reading the profile blurb, some were caught off-guard and turned off when they discovered I was a mom.

    Additional apps to try: More information about family responsibilities discrimination 1. What is family responsibilities discrimination?

    7 Damn Good Reasons To Date A Single Mom HuffPost

    Family responsibilities discrimination "FRD" is employment discrimination that is based on workers' responsibilities to care for their family members. This type of discrimination may happen to pregnant employees, employees caring for aging parents, parents with young children or workers who have a family member with a disability. If these employees face unfair discrimination in the workplace based on responsibilities such as this, they may be experiencing FRD. Does FRD only apply to women? While caregiving responsibilities disproportionately affect working women, protections apply to all employees, including men.

    Discrimination Against Single Mother By Karly Smith On Prezi

    What are some types of stereotypes or biases about caregivers that may result in unlawful conduct? Some stereotypes or biases include: What are some types of discrimination that qualify as family responsibilities discrimination? Somes examples of FRD include: Why is FRD important? The EEOC recently published reports that highlight the ever-growing issue of employment discrimination facing family caregivers Seventy percent of U.

    With these statistics, it is clear that a large number of employees are either currently or potentially affected by employers who discriminate due to an employee's family responsibilities. Who is affected by FRD?

    If you have a job and family caregiving responsibilities, you may be affected by FRD. Women with children are most likely to encounter FRD: Increasingly, men face family responsibilities discrimination in the workplace when they seek to actively care for their children or other family members.

    FDR against men can take a variety of forms, for example some employers have denied male employee's requests for leave for childcare purposes even while granting female employee's requests. How are businesses affected by FRD?

    Discrimination Against Single Mother By Karly Smith On Prezi

    Businesses are often unaware that the employment actions they are taking are illegal. Employers regardless of outcome are subject to high litigation costs and also face the risk of high turnover rates for not recognizing the needs of employees with certain caregiving responsibilities. It is essential for businesses to have a prevention program in place. Employers should review their hiring, attendance, promotion, incentive pay, benefits, and leave policies to ensure they are not negatively impacting employees.

    Businesses should train supervisors and HR personnel about what constitutes FRD and how to handle complaints. Employers should also become aware of common stereotypes, and treat all FRD complaints equally and seriously. What are the current laws governing FRD?

    Discrimination Against Single Mother By Karly Smith On Prezi

    There is no federal law that expressly prohibits FRD. Some states have adopted laws, and some categories of employees, like federal employees, may have protection. Federal Executive Order prohibits employment discrimination against federal employees because of their "status as a parent.

    Discrimination Against Single Mother By Karly Smith On Prezi

    Over 55 localities prohibit employment discrimination based on FRD under different statutes. Check with an employment attorney in your area to find out how you might be protected. The Civil Service Reform Act of prohibits marital and parental status discrimination.

    Federal Prohibited Personnel Practices for more information back to top 9. My employer asked me in my job interview whether or not I was married, and what my spouse did. While there is not a federal law that specifically prohibits such questions, most employers make it a practice not to ask such information to avoid being accused of unlawful practices such as sex discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, or invading an employee's privacy.

    A good practice for employers to follow is to not ask about any characteristic of the applicant that the law prohibits the employer from considering in making hiring decisions.

    Half of working mothers face discrimination at work, study finds Australia news The Guardian

    However, a company that has an anti-nepotism policy which prohibits spouses or family members from working in the same company or department may inquire whether you have a spouse or family member already working for the company. If you are asked these questions, you may decline to answer.

    However, you may run the risk of offending the interviewer and losing an opportunity to compete for the job. You may wish to answer the question during the interview, and if you are hired for the job, later discuss the matter with the interviewer or the company's personnel office.

    Because stereotypes that female caregivers should not, will not, or cannot be committed to their jobs are sex-based, employment decisions based on such stereotypes violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of Patricia, a recent business school graduate, was interviewed for a position as a marketing assistant for a public relations firm.

    At the interview, Bob, the manager of the department with the vacancy being filled, noticed Patricia's wedding ring and asked, "How many kids do you have? Bob explained that the duties of a marketing assistant are very demanding, and rather than discuss Patricia's qualifications, he asked how she would balance work and childcare responsibilities when the need arose.

    Discrimination Against Single Mother By Karly Smith On Prezi

    Patricia explained that she would share childcare responsibilities with her husband, but Bob responded that men are not reliable caregivers.

    Bob later told his secretary that he was concerned about hiring a young married woman - he thought she might have kids, and he didn't believe that being a mother was compatible with a fast-paced business environment. A week after the interview, Patricia was notified that she was not hired. Believing that she was well qualified and that the interviewer's questions reflected gender bias, Patricia filed a sex discrimination charge with the EEOC.

    The investigator discovered that the employer reposted the position after rejecting Patricia.

    Singled Out The Cultural Bias Against Single People Cognoscenti

    The employer said that it reposted the position because it was not satisfied with the experience level of the applicants in the first round. However, the investigation showed that Patricia easily met the requirements for the position and had as much experience as some other individuals recently hired as marketing assistants.

    Under the circumstances, the investigator determines that the respondent rejected Patricia from the first round of hiring because of sex-based stereotypes in violation of Title VII. My company pays health insurance for all spouses, children, and domestic partners of my coworkers.

    I am single and don't have children or a domestic partner. Am I being discriminated against, since they receive more benefits than I do?