Snakes Found In Australia And What You Should Know About Them

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  • Rough scaled snake Scientific name: Tropidechis carinatus This highly venomous species is found from mid-eastern New South Wales all the way to the far-north Queensland. Active day and night, this aggressive snake can climb trees to find prey and readily bite if attacked or provoked. Pseudechis porphyriacus Native to eastern Australia and often found in modern rural areas mostly near swamps and streamsthis is one of the best-known snake species of the country.

    Also known as the common black snake, it is fairly docile and doesn't attack humans that easily. It usually preys on frogs but also eats lizards and sometimes birds. Oxyuranus scutellatus Also known as eastern taipan, this highly venomous species is the third most toxic of any land snakes in the world.

    Snakes Found In Australia And What You Should Know About Them

    They usually avoid confrontation but can get very aggressive when faced with threat. Acanthophis antarcticus Also known as southern death adder, it is found in much of eastern and coastal southern Australia — Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

    They like to camouflage themselves in foliage and wait patiently for their prey to come near. They are also efficient swimmers and can chase their target through water. Notechis scutatus This venomous species is responsible for the second-highest number of bites in the country, which, if left untreated, can result in death. Named so because they are often banded like tigers, they are found along the south-eastern coast of Australia — from New South Wales and Victoria to Tasmania and the far corner of South Australia.

    Oxyuranus microlepidotus Also known as the fierce snake, these are found in the dry rocky plains of the Outback where Queensland and South Australia borders converge. Considered to be the most venomous snake in the world, it is actually shy and only bites humans in defense.

    However, once bitten, the victim needs to be administered with an anti-venom immediately or death can occur within 45 minutes. Boiga irregularis They are found in coastal and sub-coastal northern and eastern Australia, south to the Sydney region.

    This snake is active in the night and is often found coiled up in buildings, tree hollows and caves. Their bites are generally not lethal for human adults but can be dangerous for children. Austrelaps superbus This water-loving snake prefer temperatures which are otherwise considered too cold for other snakes. Found mainly in south-eastern Australia, including Tasmania, they rarely cause fatalities, but their venom can damage nerves. Antaresia maculosa It is one of the shortest python species and is also known as the eastern small-blotched python, or eastern children's python.

    A Complete List of Different Types of Snakes There are various kinds of snakes in the world, some venomous and some nonvenomous. Here is a short description of all types of snakes. AnimalSake Staff Last Updated: May 31, Mythologically, the snake is said to be one of the first reptiles on planet Earth.

    Snakes have played a major role in mythology, the mythological name for a snake is 'serpent'. The term serpent comes from Old French, which means 'to creep'. The total number of known species of snakes in the world is a staggering They abound in all kinds of land terrains, extending their domain over all continents, with the exception of Antarctica.

    Fossil evidences reveal that modern snakes evolved from ancient lizards and their rise coincides with the emergence of mammals. In this article, you will be introduced to the different families of snakes with their immense variety of features, spread all over the world.

    Snakes Found In Australia And What You Should Know About Them

    Various Types of Snakes Though snakes are generally thought to be venomous, dangerous and basically a threat to mortality, majority of them are nonvenomous. It's the venomous kind that has created a bad name for all snakes, which results in thousands of snakes being killed for no reason other than their frightful appearance.

    A venomous snake uses fangs in its mouth to either kill or immobilize its prey. The snake uses venom and modified saliva to achieve this. There are eighteen families of snakes and there are venomous snakes in many among them. Some of the prominent snake families are the Elapids, Viperids and Colubrids.

    Snakes Found In Australia And What You Should Know About Them

    Let us take a look at these eighteen families of snakes. Acrochordidae These are the species of ancient aquatic snakes, that extend their domain from western India and parts of Sri Lanka to Indonesia, Australia, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

    Snakes Found In Australia And What You Should Know About Them

    Members of this family are File snakes, Wart snakes, Java wart snakes and Dogface snakes, characterized by baggy skin and pyramidal patterns. They range in size from more than half a meter to about 2.

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    They hunt in streams, rivers and estuaries catching fish. The acrochordidae is one of the most hunted snake family. Aniliidae The family of Aniliidae only consists of a single species of snakes known as pipe snake, false coral snake or Anilius scytale. Found in South America, this snake is characterized by a cylindrical body, bright red and black bands, prominent head scales and it preys on fish, lizards, frogs, insects and burrowing amphibians.

    It has a vestigial pelvic girdle, carried forward from its lizard ancestry. Interesting Facts One interesting feature of the Aniliidae snake family is its ovoviviparity Embryos develop within eggs, while they are still within the snake's body and are born live, unlike other snakes whose egg embryos develop outside, and young ones hatch outside.

    Snakes Found In Australia And What You Should Know About Them

    Anomochilidae This family of snakes includes Leonard's pipe snake, Weber's pipe snake and the mountain pipe snake. Found in Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo, snakes belonging to this family have small heads, with symmetrical shields, small eyes, smooth scales and short, blunt tails. Atractaspididae Concentrated primarily in Africa and the Middle East, the Atractaspididae family of snakes includes 64 different species, including Cameroon racer, Mole viper, Stilleto snake, Natal black snake and burrowing asps among others.

    These are small and most harmless snakes, with a few capable of causing tissue necrosis through a venom sting.

    Boidae This is the family of boas or Boidae, which are large nonvenomous snakes found in Asia, Europe, America, Pacific islands and Africa. Among the 43 species that are part of this family, one of the most popular ones is the Boa Constrictor, which can grow up to 13 feet and weigh more than 50 pounds.

    They capable of expanding their jaws to a great extent, have palatal teeth, are large in size and kill their prey through the technique of constriction and suffocation. They also show ovoviviparity. Bolyeriidae Endemic to Mauritius, this family is characterized by two species, one of which is already extinct.

    The only extant species is the Round Island Boa, which can grow to a length of 5 feet, has keeled scales, with a dark brown dorsal surface and preys mostly on skinks and geckos. Interestingly, its dark brown color changes to a lighter shade over the course of a day, aided by an ingenious system of polychromatic cells.

    Snakes Found In Australia And What You Should Know About Them

    Colubridae The Colubrid is from the Colubridae of the snake family. The colubrid's body is completely covered with scales. They are normally harmless and non-poisonous. However, some snakes of this family like the Boomslang and the African Twig snake have caused human deaths.

    Their fangs are generally at the back of their mouth. Other snakes are the Boomslangs, Mangrove snakes, Vine snakes and tree snakes.

    9 of the World’s Deadliest Snakes

    The Queen snake of this family is nonvenomous. Queen snakes are not more than sixty centimetres in length. It is either gray, dark brown or olive in color. The Common Keelback is another nonvenomous snake. It is found in drains, ponds and drainage systems. It feeds mainly on frogs, small fish and frogs. It includes the red-tailed pipe snake, found all over Asia and the island pipe snake of Indonesia.

    They can be identified by their black and white bellies. They have a cylindrical body with smooth dorsal scales and have short tails. Elapidae The Elapids are found in the sub-tropical and tropical regions around the world. They have a set of fixed hollow fangs, which they use to inject the venom into their victim. Their length ranges from eighteen centimeters up to five to six meters. There are species in this family.

    List of snakes

    Some Elapids are kraits, king cobras, cobras, mambas, Australian copperheads and coral snakes. All the Elapids are venomous.

    Snakes Found In Australia And What You Should Know About Them

    Their venom is neurotoxic and is more dangerous as compared to viper venoms.