• Spirit of the West Adventures Takes Couples on Kayaking Tours Along the Coast of British Columbia
  • Kayak Morris Offers Kayaking, Camping, and Glamping Adventures for Illinois Couples
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  • Friendly and knowledgeable guides take people into the wilderness and set up remote sites with everything they need to feel at home. In recent years, Spirit of the West has expanded its tours to take guests to more off-the-beaten-path destinations, including Chile, the Bahamas, and Greenland.

    You can take a romantic getaway to these shores to enjoy home-cooked meals, wildlife sightings, and educational, eco-friendly tours. On a Spirit of the West excursion, you can create lasting memories while surrounded by the unrivaled beauty of nature. In late SeptemberAnanda K.

    Spirit of the West Adventures Takes Couples on Kayaking Tours Along the Coast of British Columbia

    Spirit of the West Adventures handled the logistics of setting up a comfortable camp, preparing delicious meals, and leading kayaking expeditions, so all Ananda and her husband had to do was remember to bring the binoculars to help them spot wildlife.

    SinceSpirit of the West has invited couples, like Amanda and her husband, to forget their everyday cares and gain a greater appreciation for the beauty, wonder, and serenity of nature.

    The husband and wife team who own the travel company understand the inherent romance of these trips. Breanne Quesnel and Rick Snowdon met when they were working as kayak guides for a travel company, and they bonded over their shared passion for outdoor exploration.

    Starting their own kayaking tours seemed like a natural fit for the pair. Couples can go on these intimate trips to enjoy a wilderness adventure under the care of experienced and personable guides. Spirit of the West gives people the chance to unplug and unwind in a breathtaking outdoor environment.

    People of all ages, from 5 to 92, have gone on guided trips through scenic waterways and untamed wilderness. Spirit of the West aims to please people of all experience levels and backgrounds.

    Kayak Morris Offers Kayaking, Camping, and Glamping Adventures for Illinois Couples

    Blackfish Sound was named after the killer whales that frequent the nutrient-rich waters, so visitors often get close-up views of orcas and humpback whales. Janee Matteson had always loved sports and the outdoors, but her hometown of Morris, Illinois, located along several bodies of water, had few opportunities for getting out on the water in human-powered watercraft.

    So she launched Kayak Morrisa business that offers kayak rentals, two levels of guided tours, and affordable beach camping. The adventure company also offers glampouts, which provide a more luxurious camping experience for those who are new to the outdoors.

    Only an hour from Chicago, Kayak Morris is the perfect place for an adventurous daytime date or a nature-inspired overnight getaway. Growing up in Morris, Illinois, Janee Matteson loved sports and the outdoors, but she was always surprised that her hometown, which has three waterways running through it, lacked any opportunities for kayaking or using other human-powered watercraft.

    Janee studied sports medicine in college, and while she enjoyed helping people once she began working in the field, working inside all day quickly became dreary and unchallenging. So, inshe had the idea to start Kayak Morris: A company to offer kayak rentals and guided tours.

    Janee Matteson founded Kayak Morris to help people find adventure on the water in Illinois.

    6 Couples Vacation Spots You Probably Haven't Thought Of

    And after a few years of success, she purchased a tract of land and added wooded, beachfront campgrounds — perfect for an overnight getaway for adventurous couples. The river has many fossil beds, which are unusual for their quick formation. That means the beds preserved both hard and soft tissues, forming a distinct fossil form. The Kayak Morris campground is located near many waterways perfect for exploring with a date. Few kayaking businesses are lucky enough to be located near the convergence of several different waterways.

    Couples in the Chicago area may be surprised to find that just an hour away from the city — and even less from some of the suburbs — is a relaxing spot on a quiet beach that offers the opportunity to kayak through several rivers. Rentals for Exploration and Guided Tours At Kayak Morris, you can rent a kayak to explore the surrounding area on your own — or with a special someone — or you can go on a guided tour. The company offers two types of toursdepending on your level of kayaking experience.

    One is the beginner tour, which is two hours long and ideal for those who have never kayaked before.