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  • Three years later, he applied and was admitted to the Quaker Monthly Meeting in Hanover County, Virginiawhere Coles' parents lived, and they reared their children in the Quaker faith. Dorothea was nicknamed Dolley from an early age. Eventually she had three sisters: Lucy, Anna, and Mary; and four brothers: Walter, William Temple, Isaac, and John. From tothe proportion of free blacks to the total black population in Virginia increased from less than one percent to 7.

    He died in October and Mary Payne initially made ends meet by opening a boardinghouse, but the next year she took her two youngest children, Mary and John, and moved to western Virginia to live with her daughter Lucy and her new husband, George Steptoe Washingtona nephew of George Washington. In August a yellow fever epidemic broke out in Philadelphia, killing 5, people in four months, [7] including Dolley's year-old husband, their 3-month-old son William Temple — both on October 24, — and her husband's parents.

    At age 25 Dolley Todd was a widow with her young son Payne to support. Second marriage[ edit ] Engraving of Dolley, c. House of Representatives the capital met in Philadelphia from tolikely encountered each other at social events in the temporary federal capital.

    Blog Dolly Treasures

    Some sources state that Aaron Burra longtime friend of Madison's since their student days at the College of New Jersey now called Princeton Universitystayed at a rooming house where Dolley also resided, and it was Aaron's idea to introduce the two.

    In MayBurr made the formal introduction between the young widow and Madison, who at 43 was a longstanding bachelor 17 years her senior. A brisk courtship followed, and by August, Dolley accepted his marriage proposal.

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    As he was not a Quaker, she was expelled from the Society of Friends for marrying outside her faith. They were married on September 15,and lived in Philadelphia for the next three years. He returned with his family to Montpelierthe Madison family plantation in Orange County, Virginia. There they expanded the house and settled in. When Thomas Jefferson was elected as the third president of the United States inhe asked Madison to serve as his Secretary of State.

    Madison accepted and moved Dolley, her son Payne, her sister Anna, and their domestic slaves to Washington.

    They took a large house, as Dolley believed that entertaining would be important in the capital.

    Blog Dolly Treasures

    She sometimes served as widower Jefferson's hostess for official ceremonial functions. He was elected President, serving two terms from toand Dolley became the official First Lady.

    Little girl hopes to meet Dolly Parton NBC12 WWBT Richmond, VA News On Your Side

    She was the only First Lady given an honorary seat on the floor of Congress, and the first First Lady and first American to respond to a telegraph message. This was the year that the War of began with Great Britain. Burning of Washington, [ edit ] Main article: Burning of Washington After the United States declared war in and attempted to invade Canada ina British force attacked Washington in As it approached and the White House staff hurriedly prepared to flee, Dolley Madison ordered the Stuart painting, a copy of the Lansdowne portraitto be saved, as she wrote in a letter to her sister at 3 o'clock in the afternoon of August Our kind friend Mr.

    Carroll has come to hasten my departure, and in a very bad humor with me, because I insist on waiting until the large picture of General Washington is secured, and it requires to be unscrewed from the wall. Dolly makes a living through what she calls "meddling" — matchmaking and numerous sidelines, including dance instruction and mandolin lessons "I Put My Hand In".

    She is currently seeking a wife for grumpy Horace Vandergelder, the well-known half-a-millionaire, but it becomes clear that Dolly intends to marry Horace herself. Ambrose Kemper, a young artist, wants to marry Horace's weepy niece Ermengarde, but Horace opposes this because Ambrose's vocation does not guarantee a steady living. Ambrose enlists Dolly's help, and they travel to Yonkers, New York to visit Horace, who is a prominent citizen there and owns Vandergelder's Hay and Feed.

    Blog Dolly Treasures

    Horace explains to his two clerks, Cornelius Hackl and Barnaby Tucker, that he is going to get married because "It Takes a Woman" to cheerfully do all the household chores. Dolly arrives in Yonkers and "accidentally" mentions that Irene's first husband might not have died of natural causes, and also mentions that she knows an heiress, Ernestina Money, who may be interested in Horace.

    Horace leaves for New York and leaves Cornelius and Barnaby to run the store. Cornelius decides that he and Barnaby need to get out of Yonkers. They'll go to New York, have a good meal, spend all their money, see the stuffed whale in Barnum's museum, almost get arrested, and each kiss a girl!

    They blow up some tomato cans to create a terrible stench and a good alibi to close the store.

    Blog Dolly Treasures

    Dolly mentions that she knows two ladies in New York they should call on: Irene Molloy and her shop assistant, Minnie Fay. She tells Ermengarde and Ambrose that she'll enter them in the polka competition at the upscale Harmonia Gardens Restaurant in New York City so Ambrose can demonstrate his ability to be a breadwinner to Horace.

    Irene and Minnie open their hat shop for the afternoon. Irene wants a husband, but does not love Horace Vandergelder.

    Blog Dolly Treasures

    She declares that she will wear an elaborate hat to impress a gentleman "Ribbons Down My Back". Cornelius and Barnaby arrive at the shop and pretend to be rich. Horace and Dolly arrive at the shop, and Cornelius and Barnaby hide from him.

    Grooby Girls Camila Dolly

    Irene inadvertently mentions that she knows Cornelius Hackl, and Dolly tells her and Horace that even though Cornelius is Horace's clerk by day, he's a New York playboy by night; he's one of the Hackls.

    Minnie screams when she finds Cornelius hiding in the armoire. Horace is about to open the armoire himself, but Dolly, Irene and Minnie distract him with patriotic sentiments related to subjects like Betsy Ross and The Battle of the Alamo shown in the famous lyrics "Alamo, remember the Alamo! Cornelius sneezes, and Horace storms out, realizing there are men hiding in the shop, but not knowing they are his clerks.

    Blog Dolly Treasures

    Dolly arranges for Cornelius and Barnaby, who are still pretending to be rich, to take the ladies out to dinner to the Harmonia Gardens restaurant to make up for their humiliation. She teaches Cornelius and Barnaby how to dance since they always have dancing at such establishments "Dancing". Soon, Cornelius, Irene, Barnaby, and Minnie are happily dancing. They go to watch the great 14th Street Association Parade together. Alone, Dolly decides to put her dear departed husband Ephram behind her and to move on with life "Before the Parade Passes By".

    She asks Ephram's permission to marry Horace, requesting a sign from him. Dolly catches up with the annoyed Vandergelder, who has missed the whole parade, and she convinces him to give her matchmaking one more chance. She tells him that Ernestina Money would be perfect for him and asks him to meet her at the swanky Harmonia Gardens that evening.

    Act II[ edit ] Milo Boulton and Carol Channing in one of several national tours, Cornelius is determined to get a kiss before the night is over, but Barnaby isn't so sure.

    Dolly Dorm Diaries American Girl Doll House Doll Diaries Blog Meet The Girls

    As the clerks have no money for a carriage, they tell the girls that walking to the restaurant shows that they've got "Elegance". Horace arrives with his date, but she proves neither as rich nor as elegant as Dolly had implied; furthermore she is soon bored by Horace and leaves, as Dolly had planned she would. Cornelius, Barnaby, and their dates arrive, unaware that Horace is also dining at the restaurant.