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  • He looks and acts like an alien child, and is really short ; however, he possesses the power to erase entire universes with ease and could potentially erase the entire multiverse. Even Beerus and the other Gods of Destruction are terrified of him. That being said Zen'o is usually a friendly deity.

    Frostburn FanFiction

    Present Zen'o was previously in the Pantheon, but chose to leave because he had the Tournament of Power on his mind. He also wanted to bring his friend and counterpart Future Zen'o into the Pantheon proper. As the two are equal in power, they're able to be on equal terms with one another and work as perfect friends. Funny Valentine has noted this, and while he has yet to have a reason to act wonders if Dirty Deeds Done Cheap would still apply or Zen'o is simply too strong.

    As there is a chance, however slim, it would work on them, the two have told Funny Valentine to never be in their presence or he'll be erased on the spot. The reason why Future Zen'o is with his counterpart? Zamasu can be blamed for that. He ruined that timeline to the point the future Omni-King had to Mercy Kill the whole thing, and along with Future Trunks and Future Mai is the only survivor.

    Authority Figures / Pantheon TV Tropes

    He feels really bad for having to do that to Trunks, and hopes he finds happiness in the new timeline. The experience has led him to oppose the Vex for their desire to rewrite reality to better suit its means, since it reminds him of how Infinite Zamasu attempted to assimilate the timeline into himself.

    Destroyed six universes in the past, because their mood was spoiled. It's not known what this means and if there's more to it, but this, their childish, apathetic nature and extraordinary power terrifies most of the Pantheon.

    Many divine beings have a poor opinion on the Omni-Kings, particularly Aztar who thinks it's outrageous that he is in any way the supreme being. The Presence has advised him not to get involved with the kids. Likely because he's wiser than he looks.

    The Emperor of Mankind sees him as being the kind of irresponsible divinity he opposes, though again Zen'o isn't as reckless as he seems. Because of this kind of power coupled with childish attitude, it is really difficult for the Omni-Kings to find friends.

    They don't help their case.

    Because Goku is Gokuhe quickly got along with them much to Beerus' horror. The Zen'o prefer casual conversations.

    Most of the Pantheon can't bring themselves to do so, but Maxwell is already a reality-warping child so they get on really well. The Zen'o understand Prismo's desire for friendship, and find his ability to grant wishes interesting. It is not known where Prismo's wishing powers stack compared to their Super Dragon Balls.

    Prefer to stick to more comical gods like themselves. They seem to get along with Amara as well, since she started largely ignorant and annoyed by the universe but came to be fond of it at the end. The fact that the Omni-Kings have no problem with her says a lot about him.

    As childish and immature as they are, even they think Azathoth is dangerously ignorant of reality. At least they aren't mindless.

    Much like when someone is destroyed by a God of Destruction, anyone erased by Zen'o doesn't even exist in the afterlife.

    All You Need Is Love The Best Literary Couples

    Thankfully they only do this when angry. The Super Dragon Balls could and ultimately did undo this, and the Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon may help, but even with the latter it takes longer coming back from that. They've told the Trope Pantheon not to worry as they doesn't plan to use it without good reason, and they're only here because they feel it'd be fun.

    Everyone is worried that might give him some leverage over Zen'o. No matter how happens to the universes, they will still stand.

    The voice of Samantha, Arielle Tuliao, has "Barbie: The Princess and the Secret Door" as the title of the film on her resume. In the beginning of the film, the producer was "Mattel Playground Productions" instead of "Barbie Entertainment" due to the new studio bearing the aforementioned name having opened 10 months ago then. Romy and Nori have noticeably different hairstyles in the teaser trailer.

    This is the first Barbie film directed by a woman Karen J. The film's logo in the teaser trailer and the final film is a bit different. In the teaser trailer the logo's border is pink and there's a door in the bottom with a melody sign but in the official logo it has a blue border and in the bottom the border's line end with curves. Though, both look the same.

    While flying on the lily pad, Nori screams "I'm the queen of the world! This is a reference to the rules recited in the horror-comedy film Gremlins. This is the second film to have the word "secret" mostly in the title. The first one being Barbie A Fairy Secret.

    Both princesses also give a speech as part of their royal duties, at the near-climax of the films.