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  • Open daily year-round Location: The forested landscape stretches some miles. The trip is perfect for those looking to spend a couple of days in the slow-lane of life and take in the natural splendor that is increasingly hard to find. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt in which the participants use GPS-enabled devices and online clues to search for hidden containers, or geocaches. The caches come in a variety of sizes and are hidden in unique and interesting public places.

    The Back Roads and Beaches Geo Trail is a series of 15 caches along our premier cycling and multi-sport route. Participants completing the trail passport form with all 15 caches logged will receive a special trackable commemorative coin. Coins are limited to the first one per household.

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    The trail is available for download at www. This sparked a movement that has swept Adams County.

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    Free driving tour anytime Location: A colorful array of traditional quilt patterns, hand painted on barns, decorate the scenic countryside. These true folk art renditions celebrate the historic, rural and agricultural experience while connecting the lovely historic downtown communities with the beautiful landscapes of Miami County. Leaving the fast lane behind, this unusual driving tour takes the traveler off the beaten path and away from the major highways where they can enjoy a peaceful, leisurely drive on country roads that criss-cross all parts of Miami County.

    Sprinkled throughout the county, most of the patterns are 8 X 8 foot squares and can be viewed up close by driving into the farm lanes or driveways, where some of the owners may even personally welcome their visitors. As an added bonus, many of the farms have a wide assortment of horses, cows, goats, sheep, llamas, donkeys, roosters, and more — all waiting to greet you in their own special way.

    The concept of the barn quilts had its origin in in Adams County, Ohio. It quickly spread to other counties in Ohio and other states as well, creating a rich network of quilt barns, while also creating a boost for rural tourism. The Miami County Visitors and Convention Bureau offers a map brochure for this tour which is self guided, available year round, and free to the public.

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    There is no set trail and visitors can create their own trail, striking out in any direction to see all 67 barn quilts, or just select a few. No two are alike. It also recognizes the traditional art of quilting, which in recent years has made a huge comeback. The patterns themselves pay tribute to crafts, nature, occupations, politics, events, various states and almost anything that inspires a connection with community and family.

    The barns and quilt patterns seem to be a natural partnership, linked in the rural fabric of American history. Plan your travels to allow time to visit other sites.

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    Visitors are encouraged to make it a 2-day, overnight tour. Day trips are also a perfect way to visit local county attractions, like the barn quilt trail, without the investment of a lot of time and money, and not too far from your own backyard. The Barn Quilt Tour is tailor made for this type of activity. Group tours are welcome, and best viewing would be spring through fall.

    Admission is free and guided tours available for a fee during business hours. Tour arrangements can be made for a fee during non-business hours, too.

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    Placed on the National Register of Historic Places init is still in use today to grind cornmeal, whole wheat flour, rye flour, and pancake mixes.

    The mill and the buhr stones are powered by water. Visitors are welcome to take a free self-guided tour of the 4 story structure and to take a walk in the scenic woods surrounding the mill. On the first floor is the Mill Store where the mill flours as well as other gourmet sundries and giftware are available for purchase. The mill offers a line of gift boxes and custom baskets. Open Monday through Friday from 9: Map It Morton Ave.

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    Map It S. This is the last of the old copper shops in America that still makes its original products by hand. The tour of the craftsmen at work is fascinating, but the building is a visual treat from nook to cranny as it is more than years old and has character unique unto itself.

    The walls, furniture, floors, furnaces and workbenches all show more than a century of service. The place can easily double as a copper kettle museum of historic proportions.

    Venture into this old-world of American manufacturing and hear the harmony of tapping, pounding and other clamoring noises ringing from room to room.

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    The tour begins the same place as the copper — by the double doors. The copper is worked into kettles, ladles, skillets and other custom forms as it progresses through the shops five rooms. Each craftsman takes his time to hammer out perfection, often striking up conversation as they work.

    For custom work or ordering product visit http: Tours are available by calling the Bucyrus Tourism and Visitors Bureau The historic Cleveland Arcade shopping mall in downtown Cleveland is a great self-guided tour.

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    Open Mondays through Saturdays from It was built infinanced by John D. The license streams from the patents on these inventions, and related products, are a major component of Qualcomm's business.

    In JuneQualcomm announced that it would release a set of application programming interfaces geared to give Web-based applications deeper links into hardware. It uses a low Earth orbit LEO satellite constellation consisting of 44 active satellites. The system is used for voice telephony via hand-held satellite phonesasset tracking and data transfer using mobile satellite modems.

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    The system was designed as a normal IS system, and used the satellite as a "bent pipe" or "repeater" to transfer cellular signals from the handset to the terrestrial base station. Unlike the Iridium system, which routes phone calls between satellites, the Globalstar satellite must always be able to see both the handset and the base station to establish a connection, therefore, there is no coverage over the Earth's poles where there are no satellite orbits.

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    There is also no coverage in locations where the large Globalstar base stations are not in view some locations in the south atlantic, for example. Some of the Globalstar hardware is manufactured by Qualcomm. Like other satellite phone networks Globalstar went bankrupt inonly to be bought up by a group of investors who are currently running the system. International Trade Commission blocked the import of new cell phone models based on particular Qualcomm microchips. They found that these Qualcomm microchips infringe patents owned by Broadcom.

    Broadcom has also initiated patent litigation in U. At issue is software designed to extend battery life in chips while users make out-of-network calls. In October, an ITC administrative judge made an initial ruling that Qualcomm violated the Broadcom patent covering that feature and the commission later affirmed the decision.

    In AugustJudge Rudi Brewster held that Qualcomm had engaged in litigation misconduct by withholding relevant documents during the lawsuit it brought against Broadcom and that Qualcomm employees had lied about their involvement.

    The Fair Trade Commission accused Qualcomm of abusing its dominant position in the Korean market for CDMA mobile phone chips by charging higher royalties on handset makers that bought modem chips from its competitors, while offering rebates to customers who bought products mainly from the US group, the regulator said in a statement. The suit was settled in August The plaintiff's law firm said the company will also "institute significant changes in its policies and practices to help eliminate gender disparities and foster equal employment opportunity going forward.

    This followed a series of patent-related lawsuits and antitrust complaints, spearheaded by Broadcom, in the US. InBroadcom started a series of patent-related lawsuits and antitrust complaints against Qualcomm to get what Broadcom regarded fair terms for access to the W-CDMA technologies.

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    Broadcom was soon joined by Nokia and others, and complaints were also filed in the European Commission. Although a "fabless" semiconductor company, meaning Qualcomm does not engage in the actual manufacturing process, the chips the firm has designed are powering a significant number of handsets and devices worldwide, both in CDMA and UMTS markets.

    As of summer ofQualcomm is among the top-ten semiconductor firms, after Intel, Texas Instruments, Samsung and a few others. Development began in earlywith availability slated for the same year.

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    Tracking devices - OmniTRACS is a two-way satellite communications and geolocation trailer tracking technology designed for the over-the-road transport market. As of Aprilapproximately 1. Satellite phones - Qualcomm manufactures some of the handsets used on the Globalstar network. Qualcomm has standardized the lower layers of this design in TIAand manufactures chips and software to add this television capability to cellphones.

    A mobile broadband network. Sprint-Nextel's first Qchat phones were released in June Both iDen and Qchat handsets are sold under the Nextel brand. On November 29, Sprint issued a statement to PhoneNews. Qualcomm Gobi - Qualcomm Gobi is a mobile broadband chipset used mainly for cellular data networking and it is also now used in a few enterprise smart phones e.