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  • Byrne then suggested "Guardian", but this was also rejected due to the numerous extant Marvel characters under that name, so X-Men scripter Chris Claremont came up with Weapon Alpha and later Vindicator.

    Byrne disliked both these names, [2] and when he was assigned the writing and penciling of the newly launched Alpha Flight comic, he quickly had "Vindicator" change names to his earlier suggestion, "Guardian.

    When he learns that his work will be used for American military purposes, Hudson raids his workplace, steals the prototype suit and destroys the plans.

    He leaves the suit to be recovered albeit without the vital control helmet, which he built before coming to the company and fully expects to be sued and arrested for his actions.

    However, Hudson's girlfriend, Heather MacNeiluses political connections in the Canadian government to persuade Am-Can to waive the charges against him. As a result, Department H is formed, a secret branch of the Canadian Department of National Defence, and Hudson is named as head of operations.

    Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl By Tedd Arnold Scholastic

    Inspired by the debut of the Fantastic FourJames Hudson planned to create a superhero team for Canada. He accidentally injured Moira MacTaggert in the process. With the cancellation of Department H and its funding, Alpha Flight is temporarily disbanded.

    Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl By Tedd Arnold Scholastic

    Hudson laments this for a time, but then is called to action by the arrival of the Great Beast Tundra. He sets out alone, but Heather takes it upon herself to summon the rest of Alpha Flight, plus two recently "gold-striped" members. The team defeats Tundra, and then summarily decides to reform, albeit without direct Government support. They have a series of adventures, both as a team and as individuals.

    Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl By Tedd Arnold Scholastic

    Early on, Hudson expresses a lack of confidence in himself, but he slowly gains some over time. For example, his initial reaction to the imposing creature the Wendigo has him expressing fear. Nevertheless, he confronts the creature "like a super-hero borne" [8]. Though Hudson and his wife initially struggle as any Canadian middle-class couple do, he is soon offered a plum job with the large corporation Roxxon in New York City.

    Relocated to New York, Hudson is almost immediately trapped and set upon by an evil incarnation of Omega Flight and an old foe: The battle is soon joined by the rest of Alpha Flight, though it does not end well for Hudson. Although seemingly killed when his battle suit explodes due to the strain of energizing a multiple teleportation matrix system thanks to Jaxonhe is in fact transported to Jupiter's moon, Ganymede. Again, Hudson's time with the team is cut short when the Q'wrrlln summon him and a select group of heroes to protect their planet against Galactus.

    As before, Hudson seemingly perishes when his suit detonates while transporting the heroes back home. However, during the explosion Hudson is transported to an alternate dimension. After some time, he eventually returns to Earth.

    Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl! by Tedd Arnold LibraryThing

    Scientists working for Clarke clone Hudson, steal his memories, and attempt to shoot his body into outer space. The plan does not succeed, though, as Hudson crash lands in Antarctica. This is in fact the clone created by Department H. The original Hudson is eventually found by Sasquatch in Antarctica.

    Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl By Tedd Arnold Scholastic

    After his return he once again becomes team leader while the clone becomes leader of Beta Flight. Later, both Hudsons are captured by AIMand the clone is killed in the escape. However, an accident brings temporal copies of most of the original Alpha Flight from a time before Hudson's first "death" to the present. This group, including James Hudson, takes up the role of Alpha Flight while the original ones are helping to rebuild the Plodex homeworld.

    Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl By Tedd Arnold Scholastic

    He reunites Alpha Flight to fight the Great Beasts. Plot[ edit ] The beginning opens with Patchy the Pirateas he has presumably lost the "Lost Episode of SpongeBob" prior to the episode. After lamenting that he lost the episode, he sets off to find it using a treasure map.

    Throughout several difficulties, he eventually finds a slightly dirty VHS tape which holds the episode. He then returns home in glee, and watches the episode.

    However, the tape only shows a clip of SpongeBob doing a series of walk cycles to techno music before abruptly showing the SMPTE color bars. Patchy gets angry, thinking SpongeBob betrayed him, and gets rid of his SpongeBob merchandise, including his SpongeBob underwear, which results in him running away.

    The real episode then begins to start playing, and Patchy returns, fixes all of his stuff literally in reverse, then enjoys the episode.

    Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl By Tedd Arnold Scholastic

    In the episode, SpongeBob wishes he could fly with the jellyfish. He makes several attempts to do so, including a biplanebat wings, a lawn chair with balloons, and a giant kite pulled by a bicycle. All of these attempts fail, and SpongeBob faces ridicule from others.

    He tells those mocking him that "it is a sad day in Bikini Bottom, when a guy is ridiculed for having dreams!

    Brimful Curiosities Fly Guy Series by Tedd Arnold Fly Swatter Bubble Blowing Activity

    SpongeBob runs off a cliff and falls into a truck of mud, then into a truck of feathers. While he talks, the dryer inflates his pants, giving him the ability to fly.

    He goes around helping people, earning their admiration and becoming a superhero of sorts. However, the other characters continue to ask increasingly unnecessary favors of him, leaving him no time to fly with the jellyfish. When he tries to escape to the Jellyfish Fields, a mob forms and chases him, but is unable to catch him. Cannonball Jenkins, formerly a farmer and later on, a sailor, launches himself at SpongeBob, popping the pants and sending him plummeting to the ground.

    Everyone then holds a funeral for his now-deflated pants. Upset, SpongeBob decides to go home, but the jellyfish help him fly and take him back there. Patrick arrives and asks if they could "fly over" to the pizzeriabut SpongeBob decides to leave the flying to the jellyfish, only for Patrick to literally fly off himself.

    READ Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl () Online Free. Free Reading Epub, Pdf.

    As a result, Patchy ends up getting tangled in the filmstrip and cries that he ruined the episode and now it is lost forever. As the scene changes to an exterior shot of Patchy's house, but now at nighttime, the narrator assures the audience that whether or not the lost episode will remain lost, as long as there are stars in the sky, SpongeBob will live on in fans' hearts and minds. The episode ends with the stars forming a picture of SpongeBob as the narrator telling the viewers to get lost.