Mpumalanga Places To See South Africa

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  • Leopard, Lion, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhinoceros. Game Lodges and Bush Camps: South African Lodges are located within private game reserves, national parks and nature reserves.

    Mpumalanga Places To See South Africa

    Accommodation offered at a South African Game Lodge ranges from rustic to 5-star luxury; from self catering bush camps to fully catered lodges, with packages including daily game activities, day and night game drives, bush walks, horse-back safaris and other eco-activities.

    Established in to protect the wildlife of the South African Lowveld, this national park of nearly 2 million hectares is unrivalled in the diversity of its life forms and is a world leader in advanced environmental management techniques. The southern portion of Kruger Park in Mpumalanga is more lush and wooded that the drier central and northern regions, and is where most of the camps are situated, as the largest concentrations of game occur here.

    Mpumalanga Places To See South Africa

    This Section of the park is accessed by the southern gates, namely: Here is a video of Lions, Buffalo and Crocodiles in Kruger National Park This major international tourist draw card offers a wilderness experience which ranks with the best in Africa. The sight of elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo is always a thrill, especially at close range on a conducted wilderness trail.

    After an exciting day in the bush, sunset heralds the crackle of campfire, sundowners and shared anecdotes. Transfrontier parks, border parks or transboundary conservation areas are protected areas that straddle international boundaries.

    Mpumalanga Places To See South Africa

    The southern Kalahari represents an increasingly rare phenomenon: The absence of man-made barriers except to the west and south of the Park has provided a conservation area large enough to maintain examples of two ecological processes that were once widespread in the savannahs and grasslands of Africa. This malaria-free park is perched on the eroded vestiges of an alkaline volcanic crater - one of only three such craters in the world.

    Pilanesberg exists within the transition zone between the dry Kalahari and wetter Lowveld vegetation, commonly referred to as "Bushveld". Unlike any other large park, unique overlaps of mammals, birds and vegetation occur because of this transition zone. Small video of the amazing Pilanesberg National Park 4.

    There are no restricting fences between the Kruger Park and Sabi Sands and the wildlife roams freely between the two game reserves.

    BBC NEWS Special Reports Climate scepticism The top 10

    Some of the best and most exclusive private game lodges in the country are in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve and the chances of seeing the Big 5 animals lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino are excellent. The great ruins at Mapungubwe, in the Limpopo River Valley, show remains of the first and greatest ever South African kingdom to have flourished.

    Mapungubwe shows remains of human occupation in and around AD two and a half centuries before Great Zimbabwe. The most significant find at Mapungubwe was a gold rhinoceros and gold bowl dating back to around AD.

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    The artefacts at Mapungubwe illustrate a flourishing trade and advanced social systems of African kingdoms in the 13th century. Life Size, Accurate and artistic: Pre-Historic animals - open 7 days a week. The Sudwala Dinosaur Park offers children an exciting and educational glimpse into the world of Dinosaurs and other pre-historic animals.

    Mpumalanga Places To See South Africa

    It is situated next to the Sudwla Caves in a lush, sub-tropical forest garden where beautiful cabbage trees, cycads, monkeys and birds abound. Through countless eons the swirling whirlpools which occur as the Treur River plunges into the Blyde River, caused waterborne sand and rock to grind huge, cylindrical potholes into the bedrock of the river. The Potholes were named after a gold digger, Tom Bourke, who staked a claim nearby.

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    Although his claim did not produce a single ounce of gold, he correctly predicted that large gold deposits would be found in the area. Just above the confluence of the Blyde and Treur Rivers is a curious formation of rounded holes in the rock caused by the perpetual swirling waters of the Treur River.

    The trekkers named the Blyde meaning joy and the Treur meaning sorrow following an incident when their sorrow turned to joy. He moved east with guns in the direction known as the Long Tom Pass. Botha then shelled the town with the Long Tom guns from the heights. Buller and his force were in possession of two 5 inch guns, and these were used during the action in the town. Buller, however, wanted to block the road from Nelspruit to Pilgrim's Rest, so they followed Botha. Although the 5 inch gun's range was comparable to the Long Toms, the Long Toms were more easily moved as they were fitted with 4 wheels, whilst the 5 inch guns had only 2 wheels.

    The Boers also fired with the Long Toms at ranges which were too far for the British field artillery to reply, and by the time the 5 inch guns had been brought to the front, the Boers and the long Toms had disappeared. On the 11 September after the battle was over, Botha passed successfully through the pass with his men and the Long Toms. In the pass was opened and at some places the road takes a new route, but mostly the route has remained unchanged. The main obstacle along the route was the Drakensberg.

    Mpumalanga Places To See South Africa

    InPresident TF Burgers ordered the construction of the road over this formidable barrier to the sea. The contract was awarded to Abraham Espag and most of the work was done by pick and shovel. The first wagons to use the new road, which followed the route of the old hawepad in many places, arrived in Lydenburg from Delagoa Bay in The pass used today was opened on 22 July Parts or the old road are signposted along the new pass, which was tarred in At Die Geut the gutterruts can be seen in the slate where the locked wheels of the wagons slid down the steep gradient.

    Mpumalanga Places To See South Africa

    Whiskyspruit's water was reputedly so good that it made an excellent drink regardless of the quality of the whisky! He saw pieces of the now famous Lydenburg heads lying there.

    Five years later he developed an interest in archaeology and went back to where he had first seen these shards, and over a period of 4 years, he collected pieces of seven heads.

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    He joined the archaeology club of the University of Cape town, who insisted that he take these heads to the University. Carbon dating showed that these heads dated back to the year A.

    Study of the heads has suggested that they might have been used as masks. However, the neck is very long, as is the distance between the eyes and nose, which makes it rather difficult for the ordinary person to wear one. The purpose of these heads is obscure and one can only speculate that they were probably used during initiation ceremonies.

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    He believed this would enable him to rest after his long pilgrimage seeking fortune! Thousands of prospectors flooded the lovely valley in one of the biggest gold rushes ever experienced. There were daily discoveries of fine nuggets of alluvial gold in the stream that came to be called Pilgrim's Creek. Today, the whole town has been proclaimed an historical monument and has been restored to its original splendour. The old Royal hotel - part of which used to be a church in Lourenco Marques now Maputo - was brought to Pilgrim's Rest by ox wagon.

    The Blyde River cuts a zig-zag passage, 16 kilometres long at a depth of metres in the midst of dense vegetation below towering buttresses capped by cliffs of the most remarkable shapes. There are some magnificent viewpoints along this route, including God's Window and The Three Rondawels.

    On a clear day the view from God's Window extends across the lowveld, past the Kruger Park to Mozambique. The Canyon forms part of 27 ha Blyderivierspoort Nature Reserve, stretching from Swadini in the north to just north of Graskop in the south. A well laid-out track leads from the parking place to other viewpoints.