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    A Norwegian Christmas A Norwegian Christmas is filled with many celebrations and traditions, old and new. As the snow falls, the white landscape is the first sign of Christmas and Norwegians start to prepare for their long season of juletid. November As the snow comes, Norway enters the Christmas season early with a series of Christmas parties. It is usual for Norwegians to attend several parties over this time. The children also have parties at school and kindergarten called nissefest. City Lights Every year, usually at the end of November when the dark season has set in, many cities have a lighting of the City Lights ceremony, complete with parade and an honorary person pulling the big switch to light up the city streets.

    Advent Advent means 'coming' and is a preparation time for Christians to celebrate Christmas.

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    A candelabra that holds four candles is used to commemorate each Sunday. On the first Sunday the first candle is lit. On the second Sunday the first two candles are lit and so forth.

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    At each lighting of the candles a special song is recited. Norwegians get together in their families and communities to have Christmas workshops to make cards, cakes and decorations. It is also typical for Norwegian homes to have Advent calendars or Christmas calendars to count down the days to Christmas. These are filled with presents and goodies. Advent also starts the Christmas concert season.

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    In every city, practically every choir, band and classical music group have their annual Christmas performances in churches and halls throughout the city. Lighting of the Christmas Tree In each city a huge Christmas tree stands tall in the centre square. Usually on the first Sunday of Advent, the township gathers together for the Lighting of the Christmas Tree celebration.

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    When the tree is lit the people hold hands and dance around the Christmas tree singing carols. Julenisse Santa claus makes an appearance and hands out gifts to the children - normally chocolates and clementines.

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    Throughout Christmas carolers may sing to the townsfolk and children in school groups often dance around the town's Christmas tree and enjoy boller and warm chocolate milk. The tree stays up until the 13th January - the official end of the Norwegian Christmas season.

    A girl or now a boy too is chosen to represent St Lucia and wears a wreath of candles around her head electric lights - for fire safety. Sankta Lucia - in Norwegian with English translation Little Christmas Eve This day is on the 23rd of December and is when the decorations are hung and the Christmas tree is lit in the home.

    This is generally a whole family affair in preparation for Christmas Eve.

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    Hot chocolate is a common treat and decorations include hand-made heart baskets and paper chains, pepperkaker gingerbread and also a string of little Norwegian flags. Norwegians prefer to use real Christmas trees as they give off a nice smell throughout the house. They do make a big mess, especially keeping them inside for nearly four weeks so a special tree mat underneath is used to collect the needles.

    The trees don't go to waste - at the end of Christmas they are used for firewood. Christmas Eve Christmas Eve is only half a normal day. People go about their daily routines, go to work, and finish their shopping.

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    At 4 pm the church bells ring throughout the city which means Christmas has officially started. This also starts the first Church service for Christmas.

    When Bubbles can't take a direct hit at The Giant Ant. The Professor does some tests and it turns out that her eye vision has gone blurry as she looks in all directions even when talking to someone face to face. As she gets glasses, she gets made fun of by Blossom and Buttercup, who call her things like "dork" and "nerd".

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    Daddy Morbucks buys Townsville from the Mayor for "a room full of Turkish delight ", and as her first act, "Mayor Princess" legalizes crime. However, the Girls show her that repealing crime was a double-edged sword when Daddy Morbucks is robbed and the girls now have leverage over Princess, unless she gives back Townsville. Chris Reccardi Cop Out: Mitch Mitchelson is an evil pet sitter for the class hamster Twiggy.

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    He pretends to be nice to her around the others, but the girls see through Mitch's superficial niceness and soon Twiggy is turned into a monster. Speed Buggy makes a cameo appearance as a remote control car.

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    Mike Brokowski is one of the worst officers on the Townsville Police Force. When his lazy habits get him fired, he blames his troubles on the girls and tries to destroy them only for him to get thrown in jail for his arrogance.