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  • Videos Index of Movie Reviews My complete alphabetized index of more than silent movie reviews. Reviews listed in order by title with no divisions for genre or length. I post new silent movie reviews every Sunday and sometimes in between as well! Ruth Ann Baldwin wrote and directed this love story set in a restored western ghost town. A The Ace of Hearts Lon Chaney plays an anarchist with a broken heart and access to explosives.

    Across the Mexican Line Action-romance with spies and telegraphs and early film heartthrob Romaine Fielding. Affairs, romance and parental love collide in this DeMille bedroom comedy. Heavily influenced Bringing Up Baby. Aelita Queen of Mars Groundbreaking science fiction hidden inside a social comedy. Alias Jimmy Valentine A bank robber tries to go straight but may be done in by his own kindness.

    The silent version of an early all-talkie about a bank robber going straight. Alice in Wonderland A version of the famous tale that faithfully captures the flavor of the original illustrations. New England boiled romance. Antosha Ruined by a Corset A wayward husband must get rid of an incriminating undergarment before his wife returns.

    This Oscar-winning romantic comedy is one of the more controversial silent films in my collection. Gloriously seedy romance between a German traffic cop and a sophisticated thief. B Bad Buck of Santa Ynez Fortunately, one of the prisoners is Clive Brook.

    Virginia Lee Corbin plays a fun-loving flapper who just may be the moral girl in town. Proto-Batman yarn set on a dark and stormy night. The Soviet epic to end all epics. A new restoration makes all the difference! Behind the Screen Lionel Barrymore is a murderer wrestling with his conscience.

    Boris Karloff in a supporting role. The Beloved Blackmailer A young lady is tired of her boyfriends hypochondria, so she has him kidnapped by boxers. And then sends a ransom note to his dad. The Beloved Rogue Below the Surface Paternal love and treasure diving collide in this little-known drama. The remarkable and epic in every way production is still unrivaled for beauty and scope. Beyond the Border The Big Swallow A charming and slightly twisted English trick film.

    The Black Pirate Douglas Fairbanks takes on color and piracy in this adventure classic. Georges Melies goes gory in this macabre adaptation of an equally macabre fairy tale. The Blue Bird Body and Soul Paul Robeson makes his screen debut as both a corrupt preacher and his shy twin brother. The Bold Bank Robbery Sleazy crime melodrama from Lubin, one of the brasher early American studios. A very young Joan Crawford puts in an appearance in this comedy about a wannabe federal agent.

    A truly nasty film about horrible people doing awful things. A jolly western romp. John Ford was still in his first year of directing. Winsor McCay animates his own Rarebit Fiend cartoons. Bully for Pink The Pink Panther finds himself with a surprising partner when he tries to become a toreador. The Burglar on the Roof A burglar learns not to mess with women and their brooms. One of the earliest available Vitagraph films. Burlesque on Carmen Charlie Chaplin takes on Cecil B.

    DeMille and opera in this spoof. The Burning Crucible The story of baseball and egos. Pre-stardom Colleen Moore and John Gilbert co-star. C The Cabinet of Dr.

    The legendary expressionist tale of a man, a box and a sleepwalker. Pioneering stop motion animation short about the lives of adulterous insects.

    Alla Nazimova is breathtaking in this adaptation of the famous Dumas book and play. The Campus Vamp Superbly acted story of a city girl trying to survive life and marriage in the Canadian heartland. Baby Peggy and Hobart Bosworth form an unlikely family determined to stay together no matter what. The Captive God The oft-told tale of Gypsy flirtation and romantic obsession.

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    The Cat and the Canary An old dark house comedy. It was a dark and stormy night… The Charlatan A light and clever mystery. Embezzlement, affairs and a branding iron. Think gaming addiction is a modern problem?

    This charming Russian comedy will prove you wrong! The Chess Player Historical sci-fi mashup about Polish independence and life-like robots.

    The original version of the future musical. DeMille is the uncredited director. Children of Eve Viola Dana plays a street waif who becomes an undercover agent trying to expose abusive child labor practices.

    Christine of the Big Tops Pauline Garon stars as a trapeze artist who falls for a doctor. Baby Peggy plays a circus bareback rider who was kidnapped by an evil ringmaster.

    Chaplin proves that the silents are not dead. Claws of Gold The Colleen Bawn A real-life Irish murder provides the framework for this story of jealousy, death and money.

    The Confederate Ironclad Nilsson stars as a spy trying to blow up an ironclad battleship. The Copper Beeches The first authorized screen adaptation of Sherlock Holmes is a study in accidental hilarity. All about the doughgirls of WWI. A war buddy comedy with Vera Reynolds and Julia Faye. The Cossack Whip Viola Dana stars as a petite Bolshevik who wants a bit of gory revenge.

    Action Movie Freak Everything you love about Action Movies!

    Obnoxious ripoff and general bomb, ostensibly based on a novel by Tolstoy. A Cottage on Dartmoor A stylish late silent directed by Anthony Asquith. The Country Doctor A rare chance to see Florence Lawrence in her prime. The Cradle of Courage Hart hangs up his spurs and joins the San Francisco Police. Crazy Like a Fox Charley Chase feigns insanity in order to escape an arranged marriage. The Crazy Ray The Cruise of the Jasper B A bizarre pirate comedy that could not possibly have been made by a sober crew.

    The Curse of Quon Gwon The earliest surviving Chinese-American feature written, produced and directed by a woman.

    Thinking Outside the Box A Misguided Idea Psychology Today

    Cyrano de Bergerac This short film features hand-color and sound. You read the date right. Gorgeous stencil-colored take on the famous play. D Daddy Long Legs Mary Pickford has a secret admirer but she has to get through college, darn it.

    A Russian-flavored ballet drama starring a very young Alice Brady. The Daughter of Dawn A gentle romance shot in Oklahoma with a cast made up entirely of Comanche and Kiowa locals. The Delicious Little Devil Mae Murray is the tasty succubus of the title with a pre-fame Rudolph Valentino as her leading man.

    Norma Talmadge and Tully Marshall play a couple of artistic junkies in this exploitation picture.

    's List of Every Word of the Year Everything After Z

    Swanson and DeMille collaboration. So he buys a lifelike doll to pose as his wife. John Barrymore romances his way across Europe but falls for Mary Astor. Laurel and Hardy meet Jean Harlow. The Dragon Painter Mary Pickford gives her wayward husband what for, at least in his dreams. Dream of a Rarebit Fiend E The Eagle Valentino goes Russian as a masked bandit who robs from the rich and. East and West The earliest surviving Yiddish film is also a delightful romantic comedy.

    The Egyptian Mummy A young Constance Talmadge stars in this comedy of archeological fraud. A bizarre melodrama about crime, death, revenge and dogs with human heads. The Enchanted Cottage Richard Barthelmess is a WWI veteran who finds healing and love in unexpected places. The Eyes of the Mummy F Falling Leaves A little girl tries to save her dying sister in this O.

    Henry-esque tearjerker directed by Alice Guy. Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition Our leads run into trouble due to roving eyes and electric couches. Feel My Pulse Bebe Daniels is a hypochondriac and reluctant heroine. Richard Arlen and William Powell support. Felix the Cat Trifles with Time Felix finds himself transported back to prehistoric days.

    The Fighting Eagle First International Competition for Airplanes in Brescia A real Italian airshow caught on film. Flirting with Fate Douglas Fairbanks is unlucky in love and so, in a fit of despair, he hires a hitman to kill him. And then he changes his mind.

    Index of Movie Reviews – Movies Silently

    The Flying Ace A Fool There Was Rebellion and romance in British-ruled Ireland, filmed on location. The Forbidden City A Soviet sniper falls in love with her target, a czarist officer.

    The Four Feathers Heart-pounding version of the famous adventure story. Prominently features a pre-stardom William Powell. Fun, unpretentious western with a very young Fay Wray as the uncredited leading lady. Fox Trot Finesse Sidney Drew play a zany May-December couple.

    From the Manger to the Cross The Frozen North Major mythbusting for this Buster Keaton comedy. G The Garden of Eden Marie Prevost is the proud owner of a scandalous undergarment.

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    The Ghost Train An action-adventure film from Mexico concerning the exploits of a bandit and an investigator. The Girl of the Rancho Famed hostess Texas Guinan stars as a two-fisted ranch boss. The Girl with the Hat Box Anna Sten is a delight as a milliner who marries a penniless student so that he can use her apartment. Doris Kenyon plays a country teen who hopes to break into films. The Godless Girl The Gold Rush Charlie Chaplin heads to the frozen north looking for love and gold.

    The Golden Chance Early DeMille melodrama about a modern Cinderella and the burglar she is married to. The Great Divide A perfectly vile melodrama set in Arizona. Often remade, for some reason. The Great Train Robbery Gretchen the Greenhorn Dorothy Gish charms as a Dutch girl who gets enmeshed by a counterfeiting scheme. H Habeas Corpus Stan and Ollie turn to grave robbery in this delightfully sick short.

    Haldane of the Secret Service Raymond Griffith plays a spy caught between two women. The solution is novel.

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    Harold Lloyd has to stay overnight in a mansion with a few… uncanny residents. Hawthorne of the U.

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    Babe Ruth stars in his own biopic, which, naturally, has little to do with reality. The Heart of a Hero Robert Warwick plays doomed American Revolution spy Nathan Hale in this lavish historical production.

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    Hart takes out the trash as only William S. The Heart of Humanity Erich von Stroheim arrived in style as the cartoonishly wicked villain of this propaganda flick. Heart of Wetona Norma Talmadge tries to go native. The results are mixed, to say the least. Her Night of Romance Her Sister from Paris The Hessian Renegades Mary Pickford helps win the American Revolution. An immigrant family struggles to to understand one another in this understated drama.

    The House in Kolomna Does not go according to plan. The House of Mystery Ivan Mosjoukine headlines this exciting serial about a man who is wrongfully convicted of murder.

    The Trouble With Atheism Documentary Heaven

    Clara Bow sets her cap for Clive Brook and nothing can deter her. The Hussar of Death This Chilean adventure film tells the story of real-life freedom fighter Manuel Rodriguez. I The Idol Dancer Charlie Chaplin brilliant short examines immigration, injustice and the best way to eat a plate of beans.

    In the Moonshine Country A mini documentary about moonshiners and their wild, wild ways. The Indian Tomb Conrad Veidt as a maharajah looking to bury his wife. Melies treats us to another fantasy but this one has dark hidden depths. J Joan the Woman John Rance, Gentleman Antonio Moreno is thoroughly vamped by Norma Talmadge. The vengeance and love life of a caped vigilante. Judith of Bethulia Blanche Sweet wields a wicked sword in D.

    Biopic of the regency stage legend. Keno Bates, Liar The earliest surviving version of this Arabian Nights fantasy. L The Lady of the Dugout Real-life outlaw Al Jennings makes a movie about his adventures. Lady of the Pavements Lupe Velez steals the show in D. The Last Command The Last Performance Conrad Veidt is a jealous magician with a box full of swords.

    I foresee nothing going wrong. The Last Warning Astonishingly stylish theatrical murder mystery from director Paul Leni. Laugh, Clown, Laugh Lon Chaney and Loretta Young star in this under-horrified circus flick. Leaving Jerusalem by Railway Early travel footage and one of the earliest moving shots in cinema. Legende du roi Gambinus A French musical with gorgeous stencil color.

    Yes, I said musical. Ivan Mosjoukine wrote, directed and starred in this early version of Three Men and a Baby. Less Than Dust Mary Pickford stars as a nice girl from India who falls for a British officer. One of the most famous Brazilian films ever made, this artie indie deserves its reputation. The Lion of the Moguls Ivan Mosjoukine plays an Asian prince who flees to Paris and becomes a film star.

    The Little American Rare collaboration between Mary Pickford and Cecil B. Little Annie Rooney Mary Pickford is a spunky kid trying to save the fella she loves, who is a wannabe gangster. Charming early animated film from Winsor McCay.

    Little Old New York Marion Davies dresses as a boy to gain an inheritance in earlys New York. Little Orphant Annie No, the title is not a typo. Twee film features a very young Colleen Moore. Production[ edit ] The Snow Queen completed production on 22 October The official soundtrack was heard in trailers 1 and 3. The dubbing was recorded at Salami Studios with established, veteran animation actors — Cindy Robinson, Doug Erholtz, Kirk Thornton and Wendy Lee — who have more than animated projects in their portfolio.

    The Snow Queen is now more than ever an international project. We are convinced that this kind of story as well as the stereoscopic 3D technologies have high commercial potential and will attract an extensive audience not only in Russia but worldwide.

    So we expect to close first deals for this project at the EFM. The film was produced at Voronezh animation studio, but at a Hollywood scale. The story is classic, although there are new heroes," Dmitry Kchrustaliov reports in a new way about the old tale. In Koreait was released on 7 February In Brazil and Lithuaniait was released on 22 February Released by "Misteriya Zvuka" it was released on 31 January JM Willis reviewed that he liked the characters in The Snow Queen, but could not understand why the Snow Queen would fulfill her purpose without a definite reason as well as other plot contrivances.

    The character design is fair too, if rather derivative, but the animation is, shall we say, variable.

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    And the voice work?