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  • Maryam is kneeling naked in front of me. Her huge, beautiful dark eyes are in piercing, mischievous contact with mine. Half of my rapidly re-hardening cock is inside her full, soft lips. She is sucking it clean of the remnants of cum from our recent fuck, as her soft right hand fondles my balls.

    The sweet aroma of sex floods the bedroom…. I first set my eyes upon Maryam in the warm late spring of I had just been enrolled onto a computer skills course at a technical college in Southampton, a city in Southern England. I was twenty two at the time, and she was eighteen.

    Maryam was a very, and I mean very stunning girl. She was quite tall and was slim, with lustrous long black hair, light brown skin, a clear almost glowing complexion, and the most beautiful big brown eyes I have ever seen in my life. I was always keen to undertake any qualification or training in those days; believing that it would all enhance my future promotion chances.

    The very first morning I started on the course my wandering eye was drawn to her. We were in a large computer room which was divided into roughly four rows of tables, with computers either side of them, and other elongated tables filled three of the four sides of the walls. The room was quite noisy; in fact the whole course was somewhat chaotic, with a mish-mash of students of different abilities studying, or pretending to at least, for several different qualifications.

    The quality of teaching was erratic too. The college itself was situated in an inner-city area. The area was very ethnically mixed, with white people like me being in the minority. Most people in the neighbourhood, and most students at the college, were of Asian descent, largely Muslims from Pakistan, like Maryam, or were from India or Bangladesh.

    There were also numbers of second and third generation West Indian migrants and some Africans locally. There was apparently an area of back streets nearby which were off limits for white men. The urban legend was that just to walk there would result in a beating. Sitting in a rear row from the doorway, I looked up from my keyboard and monitor for a moment and caught a very lovely girl looking right at me.

    As I caught her gaze, she looked momentarily embarrassed and stared away, although a few seconds later she looked back again and gave me a sight of her brilliant white teeth as a shy smile illuminated her face.

    She was very beautiful, and perchance, for only the second time in my life, I felt a harsh, almost audible pound from my heart. You look like a bloody goldfish staring at a headlight. She was dressed in a kind of sari, a long patterned blue and purple silk garment that covered most of the length of her body. She also wore a type of semi-transparent scarf, which was pushed down from her thick, lustrous black hair.

    When I observed her walking at break times, it was apparent how graceful she was; she was quite tall, and although her attire was somewhat loose and free flowing, I could tell she was slim hipped and had fairly good sized breasts.

    Anyway, I was certainly transfixed by her, and from the occasional stolen glances I received, it was a mutual attraction. At least I dearly hoped so. I loved to kiss soft lips and to feel the warmth of smooth naked female flesh press against my firmer body.

    U2 Sweetest Thing Lyrics SongMeanings

    I revelled in feeling a hot mouth taking in my cock, preferably as I slipped my tongue into a beautiful moist pussy, tasting that wonderful feminine flavour as I pressed and rolled a firming clit with my fingers.

    Oh, and that wonderful feeling when cunt greets cock in union, as a girl moans and twists in delight, leaking juices on me as I power into her or she rides me at her want. And the taste and feel of soft breast flesh on my mouth and the hardness of erect nipples rolled by my tongue is ecstasy.

    The taste of fresh sweat and shared cum; the sweet smell of sex permeating a room after a long session of making love; the gentle swells and curves, the lines and folds, the tightness and the softness of the female form, and the joyful massive sense of power and release when she gives or gratefully takes cum. I wanted all this with Maryam; I needed to achieve this; it was a delightful goal I set myself.

    Well, the next day there I sat thinking how I could break the verbal ice.

    A BlueEyed Boy Met a BrownEyed Girl

    It was not as easy to do this here as is usually the case. Maryam was always with another group of girls, dressed and acting similarly, usually conversing with each other in a language of which I knew not one word; although they all had excellent English when required. They were an insular group, not even appearing to speak much to the young men of their ethnic and religious persuasion.

    So I did nothing. However, fate lending a helping hand, the next day proved more fortunate. It seemed that we were studying for the same qualification. An element of the course was to transfer and receive documents and files via e-mail attachments. This was to be done via another student.

    My friend Chris was not at this study stage yet, so the teacher found another student who was for me to work with: Well, we started out on the task.

    In the material we exchanged I slipped in a few pretty bad jokes I found surfing the net. To judge by some chuckles it appeared she liked them. Pretty soon I sent another one suggesting we sit together in a corner as it would be easier to work together this way. Looking across I saw that she was debating with herself, but thankfully I saw her gather her bag and a few discs up and move to a fairly remote corner of the room. English was not her first language, and although she spoke it expertly, her voice had a heavy, slightly clipped Indian sounding accent.

    We chatted briefly; inconsequential stuff, where we lived, what we doing this course for etc. It seemed she wanted to build up a few qualifications and then study some kind of business technology degree at university. God, she was gorgeous. We dragged out what should have been about two hours work over three days in the end, cocooned in our little corner. At break times she was always with her friends. For my part, my buddy Chris and a couple of other guys we got friendly with took great delight in teasing me, asking when I was getting engaged or laid, fucked etc.

    I laughed it off. The third day we worked together I tried to engineer some kind of date. Quite unsubtly I asked her where she like to hang out with her friends, what parts of town did she go to, the films she liked, that kind of stuff.

    Her replies fed my assumptions; she had a rather narrow existence, her life revolving around a group of friends who all attended the local Mosque, and her large close family. It seemed that a Kashmiri Muslim girl had little freedom. She seemed not to resent this. At one point she told me she was attending a marriage ceremony that week. A friend of hers was the bride.

    Sweetest Thing Lyrics U2 Soundtrack Lyrics

    Before I asked, she anticipated my question. He will find me someone suitable. Although she was a clever girl, with a lively mind and personality, she was very accepting of her cultural role.

    She spoke of these themes in a matter-of-fact and content way. Maryam asked me if I had a girlfriend. Oh, and then she gave me just the most heart-melting smile. He was a local youth, her age, and of the same cultural background. She knew Mo as the friend of one of her brothers; she had three, and four older sisters. Maryam would meet Mo whenever she could manipulate some free, unobserved time, which was apparently very hard to find.

    Well, pretty soon I tried to fix up a date. I asked her if she wanted to go to a club, or have a meal or a day at the beach. She declined all offers and I was, truth to tell, pretty pissed off.

    I smiled hugely at this response, and looked around. Still no-one was looking so I quickly kissed Maryam once on her cheek.

    U2 Sweetest Thing Lyrics SongMeanings

    She pulled back, looking nervous and shocked. But then she smiled. Later I cleared it with Chris. I greeted Maryam at the door and we went into the living room. I motioned for her to take a seat.

    Maryam sat on a sofa. It was quite hot in the flat and I offered her a cool drink.

    U2 Sweetest Thing Lyrics SongMeanings

    She nodded and I got her a cold coke from the fridge. I handed her a glass and poured most of the can into it. I took the glass, which had a slight smear of her lipstick, and drank some before handing it back.

    There was something somehow slightly intimate in this simple exchange, a touch of the hand, a shared shy smile; we were getting close to expressing our attraction physically. Maryam placed the glass on a table in front of her and I sat next to her on the sofa. Our shoulders were touching. The fine smell of a perfume she was wearing was most alluring. Maryam was relaxed sat there with me. I slipped an arm around her shoulders and she leant her head against my upper chest.

    U2 Sweetest Thing Lyrics SongMeanings

    I kissed the top of her head. There was no demure, modest little girl in her gaze; it was the look of a sensual woman. Her full lips were slightly parted. I looked at them and kissed her softly. Then I kissed her harder and held it. She responded by working her open mouth against mine as I drank in her clean fresh taste. Our tongues moved together in a sort of frantic dance.

    We sat there a while kissing, hugging, holding hands. I could feel that my cock was hard and pressing against the tightness of my jeans. I took her hand in mine and pressed it on the bulge. She looked at me with a look that was somewhere between dreamy lust and surprise.

    While we kissed, she softly squeezed my confined erection, and I eased a hand under a bra cup, found a very hard nipple and rolled and pinched it gently with in my fingers.

    U2 Sweetest Thing Lyrics SongMeanings

    There was a muffled low moan from her throat. This is a print version of story Girl Meets World: Girl Meets the New World Riley Matthews entered her New York apartment with her handsome boyfriend Lucas Friar and closed the door behind them before entering her room to sit by the bay window. Everybody in school has been talking about their relationship. Plus, her father was surprised about her first kiss with Lucas when he found out about the kiss on their first date.

    Riley could still remember that special moment on the subway like it was yesterday. Flashback Riley falls into Lucas' lap Riley: Smiles Hi, I'm Riley. Do you know those moments, that we were talking about, that we're going to remember forever?

    U2 Sweetest Thing Lyrics SongMeanings

    Riley holds onto Lucas' face and kisses him on the lips. I would like to do that again.

    U2 Sweetest Thing Lyrics SongMeanings

    Farkle and Maya kept watching us sharing a drink. They thought it was so cute. And Maya gave us a cute nickname, Rucas.

    Brown Eyed Girl Meets a Blue Eyed Boy

    Do you and Maya talk about me? I talk about you. We even talked about our first kiss. I told her that our date was like when it's summer, and then the breeze comes up, and then it rains for like two seconds, and then everything glows and there's a rainbow. In other words, it was a magical night. Riley laces her fingers with Lucas and smiles back at him. She began to feel butterflies in her stomach and began to think what's going to happen between the two of them.

    I'm a bit nervous about what's going to happen next. I know that I'm not ready for that either and I know that we're just dating. I just want to experience it for the first time. Riley smiles and nods her head "yes". Lucas moves in closer to Riley and kisses her on the lips. His hands reach her blue jean vest and threw it on the ground while Riley's hands fumble with the buttons on his navy button-down shirt and removing it, leaving him in his jeans and his black t-shirt.

    Lucas removes his shoes and socks and removed Riley's shoes off of her feet as they both stood up from the bay window and walked over to the bed and stood right in front of it. Lucas slides Riley's floral dress off of her body along with her pink t-shirt, leaving her in her cute baby blue bra and panties.

    A BlueEyed Boy Met a BrownEyed Girl Our Home

    Riley does the same with Lucas as she removes Lucas' shirt and threw it across the room. Lucas and Riley continued to kiss each other while Lucas moves his hand down to her butt and gently squeezes it, making Riley yelp in his mouth. Lucas picks up Riley and lays her down on the bed and unhooked her bra while she removes his jeans, leaving Lucas in his boxer briefs.