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    How to say, "I told you so," in Croatian. Positive Messages When you face your fears, a new world in which anything is possible opens up. What happens to you is your life and doesn't belong to anyone else, especially not online trolls and commenters. Don't stay in old friendships for no reason; if they hurt you now, it's OK to move on and be with people who make you feel good about yourself. You have a choice whether to post something or not; if it's positive, go for it, but if it's negative, delete it.

    If you hide from rumors about yourself, people will believe them and you won't get the chance to tell your side. She feels that keeping a diary is pointless and dull, that her writing will have greater validity if it could actually be read by someone. She always asks questions so readers will make personal connections to her stories and invites them to share their own experiences in the comments.

    I have completed the Boy version apart from one of Karen's events and now can concentrate on the Girl version of the game. At present, this is a work in progress. It contains sections devoted to each of the eligible bachelors and girls and a section that deals with Heart and Rival Heart Events. I try to answer all serious requests for help but I will not open any email with an attachment.

    AOL sometimes considers a 'signature' or a simple icon as an attachment. Please send your emails as plain text or I shall not be able to respond. There are some differences between the old and new games, naturally. In the original Japanese version, playing a boy is 'Destiny' and playing a girl is 'Fate'. If you play as a boy, your game will continue after marriage and you can have a child.

    In both the original Japanese version and in the current English version, if you play as a girl, the game will end when you marry. Remember that the PSP allows multiple save files, an unusual option for players accustomed to Harvest Moon games on handheld systems such as the Game Boy and DS systems. What this means in practical terms, is that you can have MANY different games founded on an original game.

    Playing as a girl, then, you could save a file BEFORE marriage to any bachelor and then proceed to marry bachelors without saving the results. Playing as a boy, you could court ALL eligible girls in an initial file, then branch off to save different 'lives' in different files. The PSP is a wonderful system in this respect and one particularly suited to Harvest Moon where there is no 'single' ending. At present, this guide contains only descriptions of each eligible bachelor and girl, their birthdays, schedules and likes and dislikes.

    It is interesting to note that, if you are playing as a girl in HMBG, you nonetheless will experience all the 1st Heart Events of the 'eligible girls' from the boy version. This was the case in MFoMT as well.

    The 1st Heart Event of each of the eligible bachelors in the girl version is NOT experienced in the boy version of the game. There are two situations, however, where the First Heart Event for eligible girls in the Boy version of the game is shared as the 1st Heart Event for the bachelor in the Girl version of the game. These are the 1st Heart Events for Elli and for Popuri. After some consideration and experiencing these events more than once in both versions of the game, I have concluded that, in the Girl version of the game, they do constitute the 1st Heart Event for the bachelors concerned as, in each case, if you give the correct response, the bachelor's heart will change to purple during the course of the event.

    In fact, the first two Rival Heart events for every eligible girl and bachelor apart from Kai were experienced in my first Spring in the Boy and in the Girl version. As with other Harvest Moon games that involve Marriage and Rivals, you will obtain a time advantage over the rival. Although you can experience the first two Rival Heart Events for any girl or bachelor in the first year, the Third Rival Heart Event will not trigger before the 2nd year.

    As with respect to the 2nd Rival Heart Event, which will not trigger at very high Purple or Blue level, the event will not trigger at all if the heart level of the eligible girl or bachelor is too high.

    In this case, the heart level must be at low Green to trigger the event.

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    In fact, in the Boy version, there either are two Rival Heart Events or a Rival Heart Event with two parts that can be triggered in the 2nd year.

    The eligible girl cannot be above green heart level and the events can be triggered either in the same day or within a few days of one another. Experiencing these two Rival Heart Events in the 2nd year does not lead automatically to the marriage of the rival couple.

    You still have an opportunity to win the girl's heart by raising her heart level to Red to avoid the final event that will cement the relationship between the girl and your rival. Rival Heart Events should be almost identical in the Boy and Girl versions of the game as they involve the same couples.

    You will find them at present listed under the section involving the eligible girl who participates in them but they are valid for the Bachelor as well. As stated elsewhere, the 1st Heart Event for each of the eligible girls is included both in the Boy and Girl versions of the game. In like manner, some of the Blue Heart Events of the eligible girls have been retained in the Girl version, although they no longer represent courtship events obviously!

    A small note of warning: All likes and dislikes at this point have been taken from the Boy version of the game so far and most responses have been documented from that version.

    In most cases, items that are loved in the boy version will be loved in the girl version and the same would apply to items that are detested.

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    I have noticed a few differences, however. For example, Cliff's response to a Spa-Boiled Egg is extremely enthusiastic if you are playing as a boy. When you play as a girl, however, he simply says, 'Thank you' without any joy whatsoever.

    I therefore am reluctant to continue to list this item as one of his 'Most Favourite Items'. I need to test his responses to different items in the Girl version of the game. In Harvest Moon Boy and Girl, when you play a boy, the Blue Heart Event is different for each of the girls but most of them involve a series of actions. A couple require more than one day to complete. For example, in Elli's Blue Heart Event, she will bring a sandwich to your farm at noon. She will do this on three consecutive days.

    If you wish to complete the event and earn a boost in her affections, you must be at your farm at noon on each of those days. Mary's Blue Heart Event, on the other hand, can be completed in a single day, provided you visit the Library after she brings the book to your farm.

    Furthermore, the girl does not have to be AT Blue Heart level in order to experience the event. She must be very close to Blue Heart level, however. Performing the proper sequence of actions or giving the correct response usually will bring her to Blue Heart level, which is why I am referring to the 3rd Heart Event as the Blue Heart Event.

    With respect to the Blue Heart Events for the other four eligible girls, there are other special requirements, apart from Heart Level that must be met before you can trigger the event.

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    In Ann's case, you must have at least three egg- laying adult chickens. Popuri's Blue Heart Event requires that you have at least one empty slot in your Henhouse, allowing you to incubate an egg. Once you have experienced this Event, all you need to do is raise the girl to deepest red heart level in order to be able to propose to her successfully.

    There is no 'Proposal Event' per se. Equip the Blue Feather as a Tool and flourish it. The girl will respond. Sometimes her response will not be unequivocally positive but if she takes the Blue Feather, you will know that you have succeeded. For example, when you propose to Ann successfully, her response will be: Are you sure you want a girl like me? You won't regret it later? After this, you will find yourself at home with your new wife who will suggest a choice of nicknames.

    Thus begins wedded bliss In the Boy version of the game, the Blue Feather will become available at the Supermarket when any eligible girl reaches Orange Heart level and you will use the Blue Feather to make a marriage proposal to the girl of your choice. In the Girl version of the game, it is the bachelor who will use the Blue Feather to propose to you in a special event that will occur at your farm. If you accept his proposal, the wedding will occur a week later and the game will end.

    Heart Events advance your courtship of the eligible girl or bachelor. Rival Heart Events advance the courtship of your rival and the eligible girl or bachelor. There are events that are neither Heart Events nor Rival Heart Events but which may feature an eligible girl or bachelor.

    It definitely is possible to experience all three Heart Events and propose successful to any of the eligible girls apart from Karen before the end of the first year in the boy version of this game. The only reason you cannot do so with respect to Karen is that the first opportunity to experience her 3rd Heart Event is at the beginning of the second Spring as it is connected to a Spring flower, the Moondrop.

    As far as the Rival marriages are concerned, however, they cannot occur in the first year as you cannot trigger the 3rd and 4th rival heart events until the 2nd year. You then must trigger a final event in order to make it possible for the rival to marry the eligible girl. It will occur at your house when the bachelor is at full red heart level, provided that you have experienced all other Heart Events. In the Girl version, Heart Events are a little more difficult to define, as there are a number of events that have been 'borrowed' from the Boy version.

    Many of the events that involve Cliff are not really Heart Events but are special events that advance his progress in his own life. The event in Rose Square where you retrieve the photograph of his family is an event that is shared by all the games I have listed. In the Boy version, there is an Event with Rick that requires an expanded henhouse with less than a total of 5 chickens. This Event is incorporated into the Girl version of the game. Accepting the guardianship of his 5 chickens will increase his heart level but it is NOT a true Heart Event.

    Heart Events must be experienced at specific heart levels or higher and must be experienced in order. Furthermore, Rick's actual heart events appear to be connected with the wild dog threat in this game. There are events at Blue Heart level that will increase the Bachelor's affection. The actual Heart music plays, however, invariably during the course of the Green Heart Event. All events will be added to this guide. Please note that rival heart events are almost identical in the Boy and Girl versions of the game.

    If any Rival Heart Event is not included in the Bachelor section, look in the Eligible Girl section and you will find it. Ultimately, all will be included both in the Eligible Girl section and the Bachelor sections.

    Giving the individual an item he or she loves, however, will increase heart levels or friendship faster. Experiencing an Event is another means by which you can increase affection and friendship levels. Any Heart Event that has been concluded in the best possible way will give the greatest boost to the heart level of an eligible girl or bachelor.

    Visit all the local shops and homes if you can. Even if you do not have an item to give, make the effort. You will hear the same dialogue again and again but it is worth the effort. Dialogue changes according to Affection and Friendship levels, but only in certain locations. In other words, if you speak to Ann at the Goddess Spring, her responses never will change.

    Speaking to her downstairs in the Inn is the place where dialogue will change according to heart level. For Elli, it is when she is behind the desk at the Clinic.

    For Karen, it is when she walks up and down in the aisle of the Supermarket that her conversation will reflect heart level.

    With respect to Mary, it is when she is at the Library and for Popuri, when she is inside the Poultry Farm. Where ordinary villagers are concerned, dialogue not only is the key to friendship level but is a way to obtain useful or fascinating bits of information. There are times when a specific item given to an individual will advance your own success.

    If you give your first harvest of Honey from your Tree to Louis, he will declare it to be the product of rare and superior bees, raising its shipping value from 50G to 60G. Allowing Anna to pick as many flowers as she likes will result in the gift of a Red Power Berry. Delivering the 3 eggs to the Inn each day when Ann requests them in the first part of her Blue Heart Event will result in an increased profit of G daily for an entire week.

    This is one of the reasons why I believe that players should experience as many events as possible, raising the Heart Levels of ALL eligible girls or bachelors before finally proposing to one of them. If you do not increase Ann's heart level, you never will have the option to sell three eggs daily for a week for G instead of shipping them for G. In your first year, that sort of profit can be very useful. Even the gift of a single egg in Popuri's Blue Heart Event will give you a Chicken that either can be sold or kept to produce more eggs.

    It is only if you receive Thanksgiving gifts that you will obtain Chocolate or Chocolate Cake. Thanksgiving gifts depend upon Heart Levels.

    It therefore is to your advantage to raise Heart Levels to some extent with as many potential spouses as possible in order to obtain items that otherwise are unavailable to you.

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    Once you marry, you will receive a Thanksgiving gift only from your spouse, so do not be too quick to marry in this game. Romantic Festivals New Year's Dance Your first opportunity to experience this Festival will occur on New Year's Day in your second year as actual gameplay begins on 2 Spring in the first year.

    Karen will appear at your farm after noon to teach you how to dance in the Boy version of the game. The Festival begins at 6. At green heart level at the Festival, I had the option to ask every eligible girl to dance when I arrived at Rose Square.

    Your opportunity to escort a girl to the Festival will occur on the previous day, on 7 Spring. When you speak to any eligible girl, she will mention that 'Tomorrow is the Spring Goddess Festival'. If the girl's heart level is not high enough and you ask to escort her, she then will tell you: I've already promised some one else. Tomorrow is the Goddess Festival.

    Beetween the clinic and my dance practicing, I'm really busy. Ask to accompany Don't ask Mary: Toomorrow is the Spring Goddess Festival.

    I'm really looking forward to it. Tomorrow is the Spring Goddess Featival. Ask to escort Don't ask Karen: Tomorrow is the Spring Goddess Festival. It'll be so much fun Nothing's better than dancing! Ask to accompany Don't ask If the girl is not at Blue level or above, she ultimately will refuse the invitation.

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    In the first year: I already promised to go with some one else. I've already promised someone else. By the second Spring, you should be able to proposition any eligible girl successfully unless you have married some one.

    Spring Thanksgiving The Spring Thanksgiving is the opportunity for a boy to give Cookies to the girl or girls he likes. In the boy game, this is your responsibility but one that you will not be able to meet until the second Spring, as you will not have a kitchen at the start of the game. Giving the traditional Thanksgiving gift to a girl will raise her affection for you.

    You can give Cookies to all five girls if you like. In the girl version of the game, you will not receive visits from any bachelor even at Blue Heart level in your first Spring. By the second Spring, however, you should be able to receive Cookies from all eligible bachelors. To attend, go to the Beach between 6. This is a festival for the young, so you will find all eligible girls and bachelors there. If you have a high heart level with any girl or bachelor, you will have the option to join that individual at the end of the pier to watch the fireworks.

    You will be sent to bed immediately afterwards with no opportunity to save your game. Harvest Moon Boy Eligible Girls You will obtain an increase in heart level for any girl with a gift of jewelry and a greater increase from a gift of Perfume.

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    As in most Harvest Moon games, during the course of any Heart Event, you may be offered a choice of options in terms of action or verbal response. Choosing the 'right' response will raise the girl's heart level. Choosing the 'wrong' response will lower it. If there is a third option, it often will have no effect on heart level at all.

    Is that for me? Ann is the daughter of Doug, the owner and manager of the Inn in Mineral Town. Ann prides herself on her tomboy character or rather lack of 'girlish' tendencies.

    She does not like to dress in a frock! Ann is very responsible for her age and has taken upon herself many of the housekeeping duties at the Inn. She takes pride in her cooking and housekeeping skills. Your rival for Ann's affections is Cliff, although he is too shy to make much of an effort to court her.

    Most of the courtship is instigated by Ann herself! At the Inn from 6.

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    At the Goddess Spring from 7. On the second floor of the Inn from Downstairs at the Inn from 1. Downstairs at the Inn from 7. Spa-Boiled Egg Cooked Items: Oh Frey, you came too. The mountain feels so good in the morning! What are you doing! It is when she is working downstairs in the Inn that Ann's conversation will change according to heart level.

    Hi there, how's the farm doing? Everything's delicious when you live near farm country. I love to eat! On her birthday for Toyflower: No matter how old you get, it's still fun to get birthday presents. Elli is a rather serious girl who, deprived of her parents at any early age, came to Mineral Town with her brother Stu to live with her grandmother Ellen. Ellen has 'bad legs' and essentially is confined to a chair, so Elli has become both caretaker of her aging grandmother and the 'mother' for her younger brother.

    As if this were not sufficient responsibility for a young girl, she has become the Doctor's assistant at the Clinic, with ambition to become a proper Nurse.

    She now appears to live primarily at the Clinic. Elli is devoted to her grandmother and passionately wishes to find a cure for her condition. The Doctor is your rival for Elli's heart. Inside the Clinic from 6.

    At Ellen's house from 9. In the Supermarket from 1. At Ellen's house from 4. Inside the Clinic from 7. For Toyflower or Moondrop: Speak to Elli when she is behind the counter at the Clinic in order to obtain the dialogue that changes with heart level. There seems to be a flu going around. Take care of yourself. You know my grandmother, right? I want to cure the problem with her legs, so I'm studying here. You seem to be getting used to farm life. Why did you move to this village, Frey?

    I haven't heard the reason. At orange heart level: Is something the matter? Although Jeff is the owner of the Supermarket, his personality is such that he requires the support of strong women to keep his business afloat. Both his wife and his daughter Karen are very strong women who are not afraid to confront any customer who tries to pay on credit. Karen is very protective of her father and spends much of the day in the Supermarket walking back and forth.

    You will find her outside on the bench with Rick in the early morning until the Supermarket opens at 9. Rick is Karen's best friend from childhood and is your rival for her affections. Karen loves Wine and is to be found on Sunday night at the Bar at the Inn. She loves poetry and romance, but hates sweets. Other nights of the week, you can find her walking along the shore.

    The Supermarket is shut on Tuesdays and Sundays. On rainy days, you can find Karen at Gotz' house. On Tuesday, she likes to visit the Goddess Spring. On all fine days except Tuesday and Sunday: Inside Supermarket from 6. Outside Supermarket at bench; 8.

    In her room from In the Supermarket section from 1. In her room from 4. On the beach from 7. Enters Supermarket at Inside her room from 6. Inside the Supermarket section from 8. In her room again from In the Supermarket section again from 1. Returns to her room at 4. Inside the Supermarket from 6.

    On the bench outside from 8. Inside the Supermarket from At the Goddess Spring from 2. Inside the Supermarket from 5.

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    At the bar at the Inn from 7. Returns home at Inside Gotz' house from 2. At Supermarket from 5.

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    Truffle, Wine Cooked Items: Fries, Popcorn, Sashimi, Pizza Likes: At Green heart; My parents fight at the drop of a hat. But my mother does most of the yelling Then they suddenly make up. But can I really keep it? Mary's father is a distinguished botanist and writer and the family moved to Mineral Town to allow him to continue his research. Mary's mother is Anna, a very talented cook. Mary herself has secret aspirations to become a novelist, and rather appropriately, she is the local Librarian.

    Mary therefore will be found most often at the Library. In her house from 6. Mary is in her house until 1.

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    In the afternoon, she visits the Supermarket with her mother Anna. Most Favourite Items For pink cat: Items she likes Speak to Mary when she is in the Library for the dialogue that changes with heart level. At Yellow heart level; Oh It seems it's always the same people who visit the library. I wish everybody from the village came to read books.

    I want to keep working in the library even after I get married That's a big help! In the afternoon after marriage: Working makes you hungry, doesn't it heart At night after 6.

    I like the night, so I like to stay up real late. But then I find myself nodding off in the Library. I want us to stay up late together, Darling. But you work so hard every day heart. After her marriage, the Library will be open only on Sundays, from 10 a. Their father left Mineral Town a number of years ago to search for a special plant that would cure Lillia's medical condition.


    Lillia is in a very fragile state of health and thus, the responsibility for much of the business and family decisions rest upon Rick. He tends to be a little over-protective of his sister and particularly dislikes Kai, your rival for Popuri's affections.

    Popuri can be a little childish, but she is sincere and actually longs to assume more responsibility with respect to the business. In HM DS, she actually will be the manager of the Poultry Farm but in this game, she merely helps her mother deal with customers.

    Daily Schedule on sunny days apart from Sunday: Inside the Poultry Farm from 6. Inside Chicken Li'l's again from Inside the Poultry Farm building all day On sunny Sundays: Inside the Poultry Farm building from 6. At the Church from 9.

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    At Rose square from 1. Inside Chicken Li'l's Poultry Farm from 6. Inside Chicken Li'l's from 6. At Church from 9. Inside Chicken Li'l's from 1.

    At our Poultry Farm, Mom tends the store and my brother takes care of the chickens. Dad must trust my brother a lot because he didn't teach me anything. Actually, she always will say this, whatever her heart level. The location at which her dialogue changes according to heart level is when she is inside the Poultry Farm.

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    You're nice, not like my brother. My brother can't separate from me, I'll tell you the story some day. At Green Heart; What was it like where you used to live?

    I want to go places. For Spa Egg on his birthday; What? Actually, today's my birthday. Cliff is an extremely, almost pathologically shy boy with a secret tragedy in his past. He has come to Mineral Town in an effort to flee from his sorrow, the source of which is an event or series of events involving his own family.

    Cliff has very few resources and is in need of a job. He is staying at the Inn in a guest room on the second floor but without a source of regular income, will be forced to leave Mineral Town.

    He spends his mornings in the Church praying, whether for redemption or a job opportunity or for both. Ann is your rival for Cliff's heart. Although he tends to spurn the advances of any girl, it is his shy nature rather than any intrinsic dislike that motivates these rejections.

    Before he is offered the job at Aja's Winery, Cliff will be found in the mornings at the Church praying. You can find him on the 2nd floor of the Inn in one of the guest bedrooms in the afternoon. Once he has accepted the Winery job, you will find him during business hours at the Aja Winery. Bamboo Shoot, Blue Grass, Spa Egg The Doctor is as serious as he is handsome and his conversation tends to focus on matters of health at all times.

    His mentor is Dr. Hardy in Forget-Me-Not Valley. The Doctor both lives and works at the Clinic and his associate and nurse, as well as your rival for his affections, is Elli. You will find the Doctor inside the Clinic all day every day except Wednesday. On Wednesday, you will find him in the Clinic from 6. I like anything nutritious. Copper, Silver are easiest, Branch, Egg, Bread Grey is a sensitive rather quiet boy who originally lived in a city but by some family decision or force of circumstance was apprenticed to his grandfather, the Blacksmith in Mineral Town.

    Mary, the local librarian, is your rival for Grey and there are a number of 'Rival Heart' Events in the game that reveal their growing attachment to one another. Grey has a secret ambition to make beautiful jewelry but he becomes resigned to his duty, which is to follow in his grandfather's footsteps as a Blacksmith. Grey actually lives in one of the guest rooms on the 2nd floor of the Inn rather than sharing a room with his grandfather at the Smithy.

    You will find him in his room only early in the morning. He then walks to the Smithy where he works until 1. You will find him in his guest room again at night. On Thursday, the Smithy is shut. Flour, Bread, Oil Kai is a very easy-going boy who loves the Sun and refuses to spend any time in a cold climate.

    His favourite season, not surprisingly, is Summer and it is during Summer only that he visits Mineral Town. His father evidently is a very successful businessman who owns a chain of restaurants, but Kai is content to have a small shack on the beach where he serves casual food during his annual Summer sojourn in Mineral Town. Popuri is your rival for Kai's affections. Rick is extremely hostile towards Kai because of his interest in his sister, but Grey and Kai ultimately become rather close friends.

    You only will find Kai in Mineral Town in the summer, with the exception of a rather amusing hasty visit to the Church in the Spring of your first year. The Church event actually constitutes his First Heart Event and if you choose the right option, his heart will be at Blue level upon his arrival in Mineral Town.

    In Summer, in the early morning and at night, you will find Kai in a guest room on the second floor of the Inn. During the day, he will be found in his Shack on the beach. Rick is Lillia's son and Popuri's brother. All three work at Chicken Li'l's Poultry Farm. Lillia's husband left Mineral Town a few years ago to search for a special cure for her illness and has not returned. As Lillia's health is fragile, the primary responsibility for the business fell upon Rick's young shoulders.

    As the only man in the house, he feels that he must serve as the protector and guardian of the women as well. He tends to be overly protective of his sister Popuri, but his attitude is founded upon love. You will find Rick early in the morning outside Chicken Li'l's from 6. He then goes to the Supermarket, where he meets Karen. The two will be on the bench to the right of the Supermarket until it opens at 9. He will be found inside Chicken Li'l's from He then goes into the yard where he will remain until 4.

    On Tuesday morning, when the weather is fine, you will find Rick at Rose Square at 9.