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  • Trump to be the first US President to meet with North Korean leader Daily Mail Online
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  • My name is Niamh. I am Irish based in London, a scientist turned food writer via a career in New Media.

    Meet the girl group breaking KPop’s rules Dazed

    I started this blog inand well, that was it. I travel for much of my time. I love to meet people when I travel, learn their recipes, eat in their restaurants and wander their streets.

    Korean Study Group Korean Champ

    Ok, often a wine bar, and I love a bit of karaoke action every now and then: If you try them I would love to hear how it goes. The answer is simple. Why should eating like a girl be a bad thing? Real food, delicious food, food that is packed with flavour?

    Trump to be the first US President to meet with North Korean leader Daily Mail Online

    And that is what I share here. Recipes for food that you will want to cook at home and that will cheer your lunch box and your evenings. I have eaten at hundreds of restaurants since starting this blog.

    Korean Study Group Korean Champ

    I also write travel stories and recommendations for where you should eat, where you should stay and what you should bring home when you travel. You can read my editorial policy here.

    Sexy Teen Filipina Girls

    This is my space, and I share it with you, happily. Make yourself at home. Shall I put the kettle on?

    Korean Study Group Korean Champ

    I have developed cooking classes for food brands for the media and the public and I have hosted visiting media on food tours of London for travel brands.

    It is only available as a physical book at the moment. Thanks for popping by! Find me on Snapchat! Free and easy and fun and a perfect place to share short videos of my recipes, London adventures and travels.

    Korean Study Group Korean Champ

    Come find me using my snapcode, or username eatlikeagirl. What did you each think when you first heard it? What idea would you like to try that no other female group has — maybe one usually given to a male group? The sound is really fresh, and the lyrics are really sweet and honest, which is why I think this song would reflect not only me but also many people of my age.

    When I listen to the song I feel comfortable, as if I were wearing my own clothes and finding myself unconsciously nodding to the beat and feeling the rhythm. I remember being really happy during the recording session as I connected with the overall emotion of the song and empathised with it.

    How do you feel knowing so many young women look up to you? Do you feel any burden as a role model?

    Korean Study Group Korean Champ

    The fans are giving us more love as time goes by, which gives me the desire to do better and better performances. Knowing that, it gives me more strength to practice harder. So I want to say thank you to all the fans over the world! We think about what the fans would like to see from us and what we can do to be a good role model to them.

    Which members were able to express this easily? I agree with Seulgi. I actually thought of Joy when I heard the song for the first time! The members imitated me a lot after watching that web drama. They had fun with it for quite a while!

    If I get an opportunity, I want to try a character like Pippi Longstocking. I thought of that because Yeri is really energetic and has a bright personality, and it suddenly came to me that I was different at her age.

    Korean Study Group Korean Champ

    As the leader of Red Velvet, what kind of advice do you give to the members that come to you with troubles? And how do you deal with your own concerns? On the other hand, I pretty much try to overcome my concerns on my own.

    I was actually really nervous since it was my first variety show, but it was a great experience! When monitoring watching playbacksI discover new expressions, behaviours, voices, and more of myself, which is very surprising for me too. I think there are many more sides of me to discover.