• Boy Meets Girl () Episode 4 Video Dailymotion

  • It aired on July 11, to 3.

    Boy Meets Girl () Episode 4 Video Dailymotion

    Plot Riley and Maya are standing in the school hallway when Lucas enters, sits on the bench outside of Cory's class and starts texting on his phone. When Riley pulls out her own phone to text, Maya asks Riley to go over and talk to Lucas, but she refuses saying that too many things can go wrong.

    She finally gives in and goes over to him, but can't bring herself to say anything. Instead, she sniffs him from behind his back and returns to Maya saying, "I walk through life the way I walk through life".

    Maya demands that Riley talk about it, but instead of replying, she texts 'nope' to Maya's old flip phone. In class, Cory explains to the students about how technology has deprived the new generation of their emotions. Riley disagrees, and so Cory gives the class an assignment: The conditions of the assignment: Plus, to keep everyone honest, Cory confiscates all of their phones.

    Later in the hallway as school lets out, Maya invites Lucas to walk them to the Library later and asks Riley for her consent, but again Riley cannot bring herself to speak, but instead mimics an emoticon by smiling with both thumbs up. At home during dinner, Auggie is telling the family about how good his day was.

    In contrast, Riley talks about how bad her day went, which culminated in Cory taking away her phone.

    Even with Topanga's encouragement, Riley is not sure she can make it without her phone, at which point Auggie offers to let her use his toy phone. When Riley asks Cory why he is putting her and the class up to this assignment, he believes that she and her friends can learn to become real human beings, and Topanga adds that perhaps Riley and the others may learn a little more about themselves and each other; when Maya comes in she says she is actually okay with the assignment because, not having a smartphone like everyone else, she feels that the playing field has been leveled.

    When Farkle buzzes on the intercom Riley says she be ready in a moment, but when Lucas buzzes in right after Farkle she quickly grabs her stuff and hurries out the door with Maya close behind; Cory says it is too soon for boys, but Topanga says they while they had a good run with Riley they still have Auggie.

    The four enter the library, referred to by Farkle as "where the ancients stored all their wisdom". Lucas pulls a very dusty book called "Tales of Human Interaction" off of a nearby shelf, which Maya and Farkle claim and sit down to read: It first aired on May 6, Contents [ show ] Plot When the class watches an old telegram about puberty, Cory declares that both he and Shawn will stay 12 until they turn Shawn, however, soon falls for a girl named Hilaryand Cory has to adjust to his friend's development.

    Angry at Shawn for missing their scheduled game of basketball, Cory enlists Minkus ' help for getting a date of his own out of jealousy.

    Minkus does his best to describe to Cory how to find a girl he can relate to, but soon tires and tells him to "just go for the first thing in a dress. Although initially put off by her unusual references to astrology, Cory makes a date for a lunch at IHOS.

    When Amy finds out, she is delighted to think of all the fun Cory could have dating, while Alan feels strongly that dating will be as miserable to Cory as it was to him. When confronted by them, Cory semi-explains what's going on, with Amy guessing the rest.

    Realizing that it was wrong to form the date to catch up to Shawn, he decides to call and cancel. However, he dodges the chance to explain to Topanga, and instead fakes sick. The next day, Cory decides to help his mom with the laundry, as Mother's Day is approaching.

    While goofing around throwing clothes into the laundry basket, he answers the door to see Topanga.