Chef’s Tips

This is a collection of cooking tips from Chef Millie.

Cooking Adventures

We all seek adventure to lighten our daily routine, and – well add some spice to our life. Cooking can and even should be an adventure. Consider that through cooking you can share your adventure with others and reap the rewards of instant gratification.

Experiment with a new recipe – A simple factor exists in cooking – there is no perfect recipe. Tastes vary among people so vary your spice mix. In example some of us just ‘love’ tarragon’ while others prefer the woody pleasures of rosemary. Take any sauce based recipe and experiment – try tarragon for that slightly sweet taste, then follow that dish the next week with rosemary.

There are keys to making your experiment a family or guest success and that is the accompaniments. Choose your vegetable to complement the main dish. Carrots are a great pairing with a tarragon dish while something more exotic should pair well with rosemary – exotic like potato wedges browned in butter, peppered and salted with a sprinkling of your rosemary. How’s that for exotic? Simple, right? Then try another accompaniment – you have a sauce based dish, what better than to provide a fresh herbed bread, or if you want to ‘fancy it up’ try a nut bread. There is always the tried and true sourdough or crusty French rolls or go wild and serve your special home made biscuits, but don’t even think about putting jams or jellies on the table – go with a herbed butter – think dill or almond butter or a simple parsley and pepper combo butter.

I just recently discovered white sweet potatoes.  What a surprise.  Peeled and sliced, nuked for a few minutes until tender, pour melted butter with a sprinkle of dried tarragon, then grilled just long enough to earn their stripes.  Wow!  What a treat.  You will forget orange skinned sweet potatoes.

Nothing fancy – different is the key. Provide a variety – experiment. You may be the ‘discover cook’ that found the perfect recipe.

[Try your favorite Bar-B-Que Sauce as a dipping sauce for Broccoli – you will be blown away]

Good luck and happy adventuring.

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