Sex während der pillenpause ohne periode

images sex während der pillenpause ohne periode

When can I start to rely on Daysy's results? Over the course of her learning phase, Daysy will come to understand you cycle and begin narrowing down your fertile window. If you are using the app without Daysy, you can manually enter your values into the calendar. My measuring sensor is broken. The data you have already saved within Daysy is still there.

  • Fahrplan zum Pille absetzen
  • Daysy Fertility Calculator FAQs

  • Okt. 40 Tage hat es gedauert, bis ich das erste mal ohne Pille meine Ich frage mich, wie viel guter Sex durch die Pille und verringerte. Ich habe nach wie vor keine Unterleibsschmerzen, Kopfschmerzen oder ähnliches während der Periode.

    images sex während der pillenpause ohne periode

    . dass es mir in der Zeit der Pillenpause psychisch nicht gut geht.

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    Pille ohne Kinderwunsch absetzen – Wie danach verhüten? Es ist wichtig, dass Sie sich bereits im Vorhinein eine gute Verhütungsalternative suchen, sofern. Sollte man im Nachhinein nicht mehr errechnen können, ob das Vergessen der Pille nun für die Verhütung ohne zuverlässiges Kondom problematisch war oder .
    If your ovulation fluctuates by more than 4 days or if your cycle length lies outside the 19 - 40 day range, please contact our team of experts.

    If you can feel that you were drinking yesterday, you should skip your reading in the morning. The battery life of the battery we supply with your order is about 2 years. If you sleep with your mouth open, just close it once and swallow before you measure.

    Please contact your local customer service team if you have further trouble. The temperature can be manually entered into the app then all days are in yellow. Can I use Daysy?

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    images sex während der pillenpause ohne periode
    Sex während der pillenpause ohne periode
    Yes, use an adapter that fits your smartphone, but stick with Daysy's connecting cable.

    If Daysy's battery loses contact, it will stay yellow until the next menstruation is entered. The fewer measurements you miss, the better.

    Fahrplan zum Pille absetzen

    Daysy only registers one measurement after 18 hours have passed since your last reading. Depending on where you are in your cycle, Daysy will react accordingly.

    Does illness reduce the reliability of the device?

    ›wenn häufiger während oder nach dem Geschlechtsverkehr Schmerzen auftreten, ›wenn die Perioden häufig in zu kurzen Abständen (weniger als 25 Tage) auftreten.

    images sex während der pillenpause ohne periode

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    On which devices can I install DaysyView? By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Can I use Daysy?

    You can find all the information in the general terms and conditions.

    You can start using Daysy on any day of your cycle. The typical influences on your temperature and cycle include: Is there something I have to be aware of when traveling to a different time zone?

    images sex während der pillenpause ohne periode
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    Where can I order spare parts cable, protective cap, etc.

    Which medication can influence my measurements? Use a barrier method that works for you, such as a condom or a diaphragm. Daysy is also reliable during the transition to menopause. My cycle is irregular.

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    Daysy Fertility Calculator FAQs

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    What do I have to do? Fluctuations of up to several days are no problem for Daysy. Daysy has been designed for women like you. How long does my order take to arrive? What happens if I miss a measurement? You can trust Daysy's fertility status for the day, as she will remain cautious if she doesn't have the data she needs.

    Daysy is not waterproof.

    images sex während der pillenpause ohne periode
    Sex während der pillenpause ohne periode
    Yes, you can edit your data up to three days after in the app.

    No, since you measure below the tongue, these factors have no influence on the measurement. Does Daysy come with all the necessary accessories? Please make sure your first menstruation entry is on the first day of active bleeding and flow. If Daysy finishes a measurement by vibrating, repeat the measurement. Which birth control do I use during my fertile days?

    You can find more information in the instruction manual.


    1. Below the tongue in the pocket next to your frenulum and with your mouth closed.