Android line app remove chat members

images android line app remove chat members

The application has a direct pop-out message box for reading and replying to make it easy for users to communicate. It also can share photos, videos and music with other users, send current or any specific location, voice audio, emojis, stickers and emoticons to friends. This supports messages and calls [41] but not themes or timeline. On December 16,the Line application was shown in American rap artist Big Sean 's music video for the song " Guap ". Users can see a real-time confirmation when messages are sent and received or use a hidden chat feature, which can hide and delete a chat history from both involved devices and Line servers after a time set by the user. Retrieved 24 July Retrieved 22 September Chats also provide bulletin boards on which you can post, like, and comment. Line issued a public statement on the issue:

  • My group notes appear on my Timline, but can my LINE friends see them. Can a new member in a group view the posts made in it before they joined?

    images android line app remove chat members

    toggle. Abuse in Chats and Groups. Harassment in chats and groups toggle.

    If you are experiencing trouble due to harassment or other illegal activities, please first. Line Messenger for Android: Learn how to use Line Messenger for Android apps features Messenger for Android: How To Remove Members From The Group.
    It then saw explosive growth when released to the public in June of that year.

    The application will also give an option of address book syncing.

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    images android line app remove chat members
    Android line app remove chat members
    Users can also change their Line theme to the theme Line provides in the theme shop for free or users can buy other famous cartoon characters they like.

    Line's message stickers feature original characters as well as a number of popular mangaanime and gaming characters, movie tie-ins, and characters from Disney properties such as Pixar. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

    images android line app remove chat members

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    LINE is a popular messaging app that has risen in popularity. Note: These tips and tricks were tested on an Android device and the steps may turn out to uninstalling your LINE app first (see #8 on how to backup chat history).

    Choose whether you want to Delete Messages, Forward or Save to Notes. To ADD a participant to a chat, perform the following steps: Android: the Chat Settings Button (in the upper right corner) > Select members. And deleting messages on LINE chat room has become possible these You cannot delete messages from the recipient's LINE chat room.
    Retrieved 8 July Retrieved February 28, By 18 JanuaryLine had been downloaded million times worldwide.

    Announced alongside Line Pay and Line Taxi, the service allows users to instantly access delivery services for registered food or products and services. Retrieved 10 December

    images android line app remove chat members
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    Line began as a disaster response.

    images android line app remove chat members

    The details of the system are kept private, and there are no plans to release them to the public. Customers get extra discount or earn Line Points by purchasing through the Line Shopping service. Only those with an account to the Line application can install and play Line Game games. Retrieved December 30, Line was originally developed as a mobile application for Android and iOS smartphones.